Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, September 8, 2014


We had an uneventful plane trip halfway across the country (after we rushed onto our initial plane at the last possible moment).

We settled into our 14th floor hotel room overlooking the city.

We have wandered and done some sight seeing.

We've seen some very entertaining street performers.

We visited some old friends.

We've eaten some great local food.

Yes--we are on vacation.

I almost finished an entire book on our plane flights.

We had a nice, leisurely meal at a fancy restaurant.

We meandered along the waterfront, walking and sight seeing for several hours.

We sat on our friends' couch and watched 2 full football games without interruption.

We had cake and ice cream for 8:00 at night.

We've stayed up late and slept in.

Yes--we are on vacation without the girls.

Do we miss them?  Definitely.  Are they having a fabulous time at home with their grandparents?  Absolutely.  Do I miss them SO much that I can't enjoy adult conversation, leisurely meals, sleeping as much as I want, and exploring this amazing city with my husband?  Not at all.  I love San Francisco, and so far, our first kid-free vacation has been lovely.  I'll be excited to see the girls when we get home, but not before I enjoy a few more adult meals, a little more sleep, and visiting a few more areas of the city. 

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