Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Childhood Experiences

Adelie was the central focus during dinner time.  She had the bathtub all to herself.  She got to pick all the bedtime songs and all the bedtime books.  But she continually asked, "Sissy?"  And I explained to her, "Sissy is sleeping at Lila's house."  Adelie would knowingly repeat, "Sissy.  Lila."

That's right.  Staley is having her first official sleepover away from home.  She's stayed various places with us.  She's spent the night with Uma and Papa on several occasions.  Liam and Elliott have both spent the night at our house.  But this is the first time that Staley has slept away from home at a friend's house.  Yes, this friend also happens to be her cousin, but she couldn't have been more excited.  She was excited about being picked up from school by Aunt Jill.  She was excited about playing at Lila's house, playing dress up with Lila's dress up clothes, eating dinner at Lila's house, taking a bath with Lila, and sleeping in Lila's room.  She wasn't sure where she'd sleep, but told me that if she slept in Lila's bed with Lila that she wouldn't roll around.  Of course, she's also told me that she sleeps with her eyes open, so I don't put a lot of stock in Staley's personal assessment of her sleeping habits.

Based on the pictures and up-dates that Aunt Jill has texted this evening, it sounds like the girls had a fabulous time.  Playing, dressing up, taking a bath, and going to sleep without a peep.  I love that Staley and Lila have become such good friends.  I love that Staley had a great evening.  I love that Staley is comfortable enough to sleep away from home without difficulty.  And, although a little bittersweet, I love that my daughter is growing up and getting to experience these new and exciting experiences of childhood.

My little girl is growing up so fast.

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