Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Commentary at 3

There are many things I love about kids at 3.  I love their unbridled enthusiasm, their lack of self-consciousness, their honesty, their willingness to say what they are thinking.  However, those are also those traits that can make kids at 3 a little embarrassing as well.

Today while we were out and about, Staley had to go to the bathroom.  The public bathroom.  The public bathroom that was, unfortunately, not unoccupied.  And here was Staley's running commentary:

"Mama, I'm going to go in by myself and shut the door.  I need privacy because I'm going to go poo poo."

(Grunting loudly) "My poo poo is really hard.  It doesn't want to come out.  I think I'll need to have some prunes at lunch."

(Excitedly and, once again, loudly) "I'm going!  I'm going!  My poo poo is coming out."

"Wow.  My poo poo is HUGE!  Mama, come in here.  Look at my poo poo.  It's HUGE!"

I'm not sure everyone else was all that excited to hear the running commentary about Staley's bathroom experience, but I guess it could have been worse.  At least she wasn't commenting on mine.

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