Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Things I Love: Autumn Edition

1.  The beautiful weather--perfect for spending as much time outside as possible.

Playground fun

2.  Pumpkins--picking them, carving them, taking pictures with them, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin ice cream.  I'm a fan of pretty much all things pumpkin.

Adelie loves to carry around her little pumpkin.

3.  Band competitions.  Both girls sat mesmerized while watching the various bands and flag twirlers perform.  Staley decided that, when she gets older, she wants to twirl the flags because "the flag girls are beautiful and look like Elsa."

Waiting for the competition to begin.

4.  Football season.  What can I say?  We love football season.

One of Adelie's newest words?  Football.

Staley posing in her pink Bear's jersey.

5.  The changing colors.

Enjoying a little nature walk in the woods.

6.  Sweatshirts, jeans, sweaters, boots.  It's always fun to bring out the girls' next season clothes.  And I love little pumpkin outfits.

My little pumpkin

7.  Fun outings to pumpkin farms.  Rader Family Farms is still our absolute favorite!!

Staley jumping on the big, bouncy pillow at Rader Farms.

The barrel train is always a hit.

Adelie riding the horsie swing.

8.  The start of new activities.  The beginning of school.  New Sunday School classes.  New story hours.  And starting on Friday, both girls will be starting a new gymnastics class.  Fun times!!

9.  Fun times with friends and family.  With the beautiful weather, we take as many opportunities as we can to get together with friends/cousins and do fun things.  We've gone to the zoos, the park, pumpkin farms, and parades with friends.

Staley spending some quality time with baby Caroline.

Yup.  This is still what happens when we attempt to get a picture of the cousins together.

At the zoo with Liam and Staley's friend, Kyli

Pumpkin farm fun with Makinley and Payton (and the Frozen characters)

10.  Every season with my girls is fun, fun, fun...but I am especially partial to fall.

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