Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Today was a special day for Staley.  Through State Farm, Zach got tickets to take a bus trip up to Chicago to see the musical "Annie."  Adelie spent the day with Grammie and Grandpa while Zach and I took Staley for her special day in Chicago.  She couldn't have been more excited.

We woke up early, dressed in our sparkly clothes, and headed to Bloomington to catch the bus.

Staley's smile is, unfortunately, her new "cheese" smile.
Here's hoping we can change that soon.

But being on a big, fancy bus up to Chicago gave us a true Staley grin.

Once in Chicago, we had a few hours before the play started.  We shopped at the Disney store, looked at the Macy's Christmas window displays, checked out a HUGE outdoor Christmas tree, and ate lunch at the Corner Bakery...complete with a humongous chocolate chip cookie for Staley.

Enjoying her time in the big city.

And lunch at a restaurant is always a treat.

I was excited to share one of my favorite childhood musicals with Staley.  And she was excited about being in a big, fancy theater and seeing the actors sing and dance on the stage. 

Staley's first big girl play

The play captivated Staley...for the first 45 minutes.  After that, she decided that the play was too loud and too long.  So after intermission, she and Zach watched the rest of the play on a small TV in the lobby where Staley could talk and move around and not be bothered by the noise level.  (I guess almost 4 isn't quite old enough to truly enjoy a full Broadway play.)  However, she still insisted that the play was her favorite part of the day.

Following the play, we boarded the bus for home.  We hadn't even made it a few blocks from the theater and Staley was already asleep in my lap.

An early morning, a drive up to Chicago, shopping, walking around downtown, lunch at a restaurant, and a 3 hour play.  It wore me out too.  But in a spending-an-extra-special-day-with-my-daughter kinda way.


  1. I love Annie!!!! And I love that you guys had a special day together!!! Annie was the first musical I ever saw as a kiddo!!!

  2. Annie is my favorite too! We should take the girls to the movie when it comes out :) maybe that isn't as loud or long....