Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Just about every day at our house, at least two members of our family put on a princess dress, a crown, or a set of fairy wings.  So to have a day where you do that and get candy for it???  Now that's our kind of holiday.

A few months ago, you may remember me blogging about how Staley wanted to get supplies and make a butterfly queen costume.  I helped her concoct this...

Well, luckily Aunt Sandi came to the rescue before Staley decided she might want to wear THAT out in public for Halloween.  Aunt Sandi let Staley design her butterfly queen costume, and Staley was VERY specific about the colors, the bling, the need for glittery sparkles.  Aunt Sandi then used her talents to create Staley's vision, and Staley was in charge of putting the bling on the wings.  Staley couldn't have been more excited about wearing her original design.  (Thanks, Aunt Sandi!!!)

Staley's butterfly queen costume

Staley's job was blinging out the wings.

Our Halloween fun started last week-end at our church's Pumpkin Patch Party.  The girls had a great time playing games, doing crafts, and getting treats.  And it's always more fun when they get to share the time with cousins.

Fun times with a Ninja turtle

The cutest little Batgirl ever!

On Halloween day, the girls started off wearing their costumes to gymnastics class.  They weren't ideal for somersaulting, but who can pass up the opportunity to wear glittery dresses out in public??

Adelie with her teacher and friends

Staley working on her vaulting skills

After naps and rest time, the girls then enjoyed visiting with their great-grandparents at the nursing home.  When Pop gave Adelie some Smarties, she insisted on carrying them around with her for the rest of our visit.  She kept saying, "Pop.  Treats."

Visiting with Nana

And even though the weather was extremely cold and windy, it didn't stop us from going out to do a little trick or treating.   When I told Staley that we were going trick or treating, she said, "Under the moon?"  I said, "Yes, it will be dark."  And she replied, "But then how will I see the eggs?"  (Apparently it's been too long since Halloween AND Easter to remember all the specifics.)  

Adelie ready to get some treats.

Fun costumes, visiting a few family members and neighbors, getting treats.  What's not to like??

It was a another happy Halloween.

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