Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, November 15, 2014


There are things that I find exasperating as a mother.  I really dislike picking food/silverware/cups off the floor during meal times.  Having to find and put back on Adelie's shoes, socks, hat, bow, and hair thing each and every time we get someplace in the car (even if it's only a few blocks away) can get old.  But one of the things that can be the most exasperating is how SLOW Staley is to do anything.

Staley is a cooperative and obedient child.  Her inability to do things quickly is not often deliberate disobedience or choosing not to listen.  She is generally independent, and when on task, can complete things like using the restroom or getting dressed or putting on her coat in a timely manner.  I think her never-ending slowness is more a product of Staley always thinking, always talking, always imagining, and always getting distracted.

Often Staley will get distracted while using the bathroom.  After several minutes, I'll check on her and will often find her sitting on the potty.  She's already gone, and sometimes even wiped, but is just sitting on the potty talking or singing, almost like she forgot what she was doing in there.  She'll turn on the water to wash her hands and then be looking in the mirror, forgetting to get the soap and finish washing her hands.  She'll sometimes get distracted in her closet while going to get her shoes, may get side tracked on her way to the back porch to get her coat, or takes her sweet time finding her way to the table for meals.  It's not uncommon for me to yell out, "Staley, are you going potty?"  or "Staley, have you found your shoes?" or "Staley, have you put on your coat?" several minutes after Staley has left to complete one of these activities and to hear her sweetly respond, "Not yet."  Sometimes she'll even get distracted picking up her toys after rest time, and I'll hear her resume her playing instead of coming downstairs for her snack.  If I'm not right there with Staley to help her along, getting out the door can sometimes be a painfully slow process.  And in the time it takes me to hurry Staley along, Adelie will often quickly REMOVE her shoes, socks, coat, or even shirt that I've already helped her put on.

Staley is many things.  She is sweet and kind, smart and imaginative, thoughtful and helpful.  But she is also slow.  Oh so very slow.  Sometimes painfully slow.  I hope that it improves with age, but I think it is, in part, innately who she is.  So if you ever have to ask, "Staley, are you ready?", just be prepared for the answer I'm sure will come next.  "Not yet."

Life is good when you're never in a hurry.

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