Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, November 3, 2014

Who Needs Toys...

...when you've got your imagination.

I love that Staley has a huge imagination.  Even if she sometimes confuses people with her matter-of-fact talk about her imaginary friends or flying horses.   (Staley's baby-sitter was shocked when I told her Gage was an imaginary friend.  She always assumed he was another cousin.)  Even if she is constantly making up songs and singing them proudly wherever we are.  Even if she can be slow as molasses to do what she's asked or get out the door because she is always in the middle of telling me about something.  (Sometimes I have to tell her that she can't tell me anything else until she finishes putting on her shoes/washing her hands/putting on her coat/...)  Despite all that, I love her imagination.

I love that Staley can entertain herself for long periods of time with limited supplies.  She plays with her Barbies and her figurines, making up scenarios and imagining magical worlds.  She loves to dress up.  But she's also just as happy playing fairies/princesses/Diamond castle/monster, making up stories or songs, or inventing any number of made up games that don't require anything at all.  She also loves doing arts and crafts, but now her pictures and crafts are starting to reflect her creativity.

Today I gave Staley a stack of catalogs we got in the mail that she could look at during rest time.  There was the big Toys r Us Christmas catalog, the Target Christmas toy catalog, and several others that were filled with a variety of interesting toys and play things.  She also has one catalog left over from Halloween that is filled with extremely beautiful (and ridiculously expensive) Halloween costumes that she has looked at multiple times.  After rest time, I asked Staley if she wanted to keep any of the other catalogs in her room to look at again later.  She responded, "Just my costume one.  I don't really care for the toy ones."

I love that Staley doesn't want, want, want, want.  I love that she doesn't need boundless toys to keep her entertained.  I love that her imagination keeps her world full and exciting.  And I love that, even when she is all alone, she has a multitude of friends (and flying horses) keeping her company.

I love this girl...and her huge imagination.

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