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Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Letter

I know many of you have already received our Christmas letter, but as this blog is as much for us as for you, I am archiving it here as well.  To keep things fresh, I did add a new Christmas-y picture at the bottom of this post so it's not all old news.

I debated about whether or not to write a Christmas letter this year.  I don’t want people to get bored hearing about us.  We have a family blog that people can read throughout the year (, making it less necessary to do a yearly up-date.  And sometimes I just get caught in a writing rut.  If I wrote the Christmas letter, I’d probably follow the same general formula I always do.  I’d discuss our jobs (part-time occupational therapist at the Children’s Hospital and financial supervisor at State Farm), our kids (Staley as our independent, imaginative almost 4 year old and Adelie as our funny, active 20 month old), our baby on the way (March 2015), our cats (Jake and Elwood, never changing), our vacations (a family vacation to Pentwater and a parents-only vacation to San Francisco), and our home (that also housed my parents for 6 months while they were building a new one).   If I wrote the Christmas letter AGAIN, it might just get old.

So then I thought, “Maybe I’ll pass the buck to Zach.”  He’s a good writer.  Maybe he’d bring a new slant to this whole Christmas letter thing.  But if Zach wrote the Christmas letter, he’d probably go into way more detail about his love for State Farm and the intricacies of his job than would be beneficial for anyone.  He’d probably share more than I would about his running, his role in helping organize a St. Jude Run for Eureka, and his fantasy football teams.  Writing about football might then send him into a downward spiral as he reflected on the massive disappointment of the Bear’s season, and the Christmas letter might just end in a dark and jaded rant about how the Bears just need to fire all their coaches and players and start over.  Definitely not cheerful and Christmas-y.

To keep things on a lighter note, I could definitely turn the reigns over to Staley.  She would have no lack of things to tell you about.  She’d probably talk about pre-school and gymnastics class and funny things that Adelie does.  She might share about her love of princesses and Barbies and horses and mermaids.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she broke into song, which might not translate well into a written Christmas letter, but that wouldn’t stop her, just as being at the grocery store or Sunday School class or at the dinner table doesn’t curb her enthusiasm for breaking into song.  When she ran out of real things to tell you about, she’d probably launch right into stories about her imaginary friends and their flying horses.  As I would prefer to keep the Christmas letter primarily factual, it might be best to keep the letter writing duties out of Staley’s hands for this year.

Who knows what might happen if I told Adelie to write the Christmas letter?  She might emphatically tell me “NO!” and run away.  If I insisted, she would probably fall to the floor and burst into tears.  (Yes, she is a full-fledged toddler now.)  But the draw of not getting in trouble for playing with the laptop might be too enticing.  I wouldn’t anticipate that writing the Christmas letter would hold her attention for very long, as nothing really seems to, but she may write a few 2-3 word sentences, in the third person, possibly including a few of her favorite phrases like “Sissy go?” or “Adelie do it.”  Or perhaps she’d just mention the things she especially likes.  “Elmo.”  “Elsa.”  “Minnie.”  “Sissy.”  Then she’d probably try to stand on the laptop, cry when she was reprimanded, get distracted quickly, and then happily run off to see what Staley was doing.

Our baby, due in early March, is probably not going to be very helpful when it comes to letter writing.  He/she could probably comment briefly about the noise level in our house, the diminishing leg room, or the amount of Halloween candy I’ve consumed, but probably nothing real relevant or helpful to up-dating you on our lives.

And so, for the sake of avoiding depressing football talk, imaginary stories, laptop destruction, or unwanted insight into just how many desserts I’ve consumed, I might just go ahead and write a quick note to let you know that we’ve had a busy, noisy, funny, crazy, full, healthy, happy, successful 2014.  We hope the same for you!  Merry Christmas and may your 2015 be joyous!

With love, Ellen (and the rest of the family that I didn’t trust to write this for me)

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