Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, December 28, 2014


The true meaning of Christmas is in the celebration of Christ's birth.  And what a celebration it was!!

Our festivities started the Sunday before Christmas with the extended Sancken family.  There was food and visiting and playing and a gift exchange and, of course, matching Christmas outfits for all the little girls from Uma.

Great Grams and the great-grandchildren

Our Christmas Eve fun included another trip to the Festival of Lights as Adelie LOVED all the "fancy lights" and reading the Christmas story from Staley's Bible before bedtime.  Both girls slept in on Christmas morning.  After another morning reading of the Christmas story, we headed downstairs for stockings and presents.

SO excited about the new fingernail polish that she found in her stocking.

Who knew socks, toothbrushes, and chapstick could bring so much joy??

With each gift she opened, Staley would excitedly proclaim, "It's just what I wished for!!"

And if you mention to my husband that you could use some little hand sanitizers and a few chip clips in your stocking, be prepared.  He'll deliver!

One of the most fun parts of our Christmas was how excited Staley got about giving.  Before she opened even one gift, or even seemed interested in opening a gift, Staley first wanted to give out all the presents that she had made or picked out.  Even Adelie excitedly handed Zach the candy jar she had painted for him and said, "Made this."  It warmed my heart to see my girls experience the joy in giving.

Staley with the picture she had painted for Zach.  
When I had asked Staley what she wanted to give Daddy for Christmas, she immediately said she wanted to make him a Bear's picture.  She loved painting on a canvas like a "real artist" and worked very hard to make it just right.  And she insisted that she could ONLY paint with blue and orange.

After present opening, we spent the rest of our morning in our pajamas, eating cinnamon rolls (or "dessert for breakfast", as Staley excitedly pointed out) and playing with all the new things.  We played Barbie horses, built with Legos and Magnatiles, read new books, and listened to Adelie's "Frozen" wand play 'Let It Go' about a million times.  Adelie also put on about 30 coats of chapstick and Staley painted her fingernails 3 different times.

Zach and Adelie both loved the MagnaTiles.  Zach enjoyed building while Adelie preferred to destroy whatever Zach built.

Staley (in her crown, of course), diligently painting her nails.

And, of course, both girls got all fancy in the new princess accessories they had given each other.

After nap/rest time, we then headed over to my parents house for more Christmas fun.  More cousins.  More presents.  More food.  More fun.

At least they're all looking in the same general direction with some smiles.

Adelie with her new Elsa doll from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Erik.

Staley got a 'Frozen' microphone from Aunt Melissa and Uncle Evan.  She proceeded to perform for the next 15 minutes.  Ideally, she wanted to turn off the lights and have everyone sit on the couch as the audience, but since it was only the second gift that had been opened, everyone around her just continued their present opening.  I think their aunts and uncles really know my girls!!

Another highlight for Staley was the little sewing machine that she got from Grammie and Grandpa.  It's awesome!!  Staley has already spent several hours sewing various projects.  She made Adelie a little pillow, and Adelie has been sleeping with it every night and likes to tell us, "Sissy made this."  Staley also made gifts for our cats, several friends, and all her Bradford cousins.

Hard at work with her sewing machine

We rounded out our Christmas celebrations with Zach's immediate family yesterday.

Uma and Papa with the grandkids

The three youngest girls got sleeping bags.  Who knew that would be so exciting??  They rested during present opening, taking over the living room floor.  Staley and Lila even asked the grown-ups and older kids to keep it down during some afternoon game-playing as they had chosen to rest in their sleeping bags in the play room instead of playing.

Taking a break from opening gifts to try out her new sleeping bag.

I love Christmas.  And what a wonderful Christmas we had!!  And even though we have no less than 4 new things in our house that sing "Let It Go", I can't complain.  This Christmas was just what I wished for!!

Sending one last dose...

of Christmas cheer.

Here's hoping yours was just as merry and bright!!

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