Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, December 22, 2014

Getting Ready

Baby #3 won't be here for another 2 1/2 months (if he/she follows the plan.)  I feel like we still have plenty of time to complete our preparations like bringing up the baby gear from the basement, washing up the blankets and newborn clothes, making some freezer meals, and installing the car seat.  My goal is to enjoy the holidays, help Staley celebrate her birthday, and then focus on baby's arrival.

Staley and Adelie, however, are in full swing of preparing for the baby.  Adelie loves to say, "Hi baby tummy" and pat my tummy.  She is practicing daily her 'big sister' skills by taking care of her baby dolls.  (She's way more of a doll-lover than Staley ever was.)  Adelie is constantly carrying her babies, rocking them, feeding them, taking off their clothes, wiping them with baby wipes, and putting them to bed.

Very serious about taking care of her baby

Of course, Adelie also does plenty of dropping her babies, carrying them upside down, stepping on them, and using their pacifiers/bottles as her own, so not sure she's entirely ready to be taking care of a real baby quite yet.

Staley has a better understanding of what's in store and is very excited about the impending arrival of our baby.  She is constantly asking when the baby will be here.  She has offered name suggestions (Ben if it's a boy and Zoey if it's a girl), likes to feel the baby kick, and is constantly making art projects or coloring pictures for the baby.  This past week-end, Staley started filling up her little backpack with rattles, pictures she has colored, the snow globe she made, baby books, and even a mostly deflated balloon so that she can take it to the hospital for the baby when he/she is born.  She is already a great big sister to Adelie, and I'm glad that she's excited to be the biggest sister for our new baby.

Happy to be a big sister

I may not be feeling ready (at all), but I'm glad that my girls are excited and ready to meet their new baby brother or sister.  Here's hoping they continue to feel that way after the baby arrives.

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