Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, January 12, 2015

Birthday Girl

Staley had a fun and full birthday week-end.  The festivities started on Friday when we had a little swimming play-date with several of Staley's cousins and friends followed by lunch at Firehouse Pizza.  Elliott and Lila, along with Staley's friends Makinley and Payton, met us for some swimming.  Staley, being Staley, did play with her cousins and friends, but also spent a large amount of time playing with a new friend she met at the pool that day.  (Staley did inform me that her new friend's name was Geiser.  Upon further investigation, I learned that the girl's name was Islyn, not Geiser.  But it made me laugh when Staley kept talking about her new friend Geiser.)  Either way, Staley had a great time swimming and eating with her friends, old and new.

On Saturday, we headed over to Bloomington to help Liam celebrate his birthday.  (As Liam and Staley are birthday twins, we always have to decide who is having a party which day.)  The girls had a great time at Liam's shark party, where they pinned the fish in the shark's mouth and fed a shark with bean bags.  They also ate shark cupcakes and had a great time playing at Liam's house.

Liam's table of shark-y goodness

How cute are these??

Staley (in a tiara, of course) pinning the fish on the shark.

Adelie tossing a bean bag into (or not so much) the shark's mouth.

The birthday boy

Then Sunday was the time for the main event.  Staley was SO excited about her birthday and her birthday party.  She woke up at 6:30 on Sunday morning exclaiming, "It's my birthday.  My whole birthday.  I'm 4!!  I'm 4!!"  She enjoyed Sunday School, ate out for lunch (complete with ice cream dessert), and then rested.  We decorated for her party while she was resting, and when she came downstairs and saw her decorations, she exclaimed, "It's so much like I wanted it."  We aim to please.  :)

Staley decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to have a pirate fairy party.  So a pirate fairy party we had.  There were pirate fairies guarding the food.

Cupcakes, brownies, fruit, and pixie dust punch

Zarina keeping watch over the cupcakes.
Per Staley's request, we had vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing and blue sprinkles.

Tinkerbell with her bowl of pixie dust.
Zach was a little concerned that someone at the party might try to eat the bath salts and glitter that I put on the food table.  I had a little more faith in our guests.

Staley was very excited about the decorations we made and took it upon herself to show them to each guest as they arrived.

I spilled some gold glitter on the floor while making this poster.  When Staley saw it the next morning (as I'd been too lazy to vacuum it up the night before), she got very excited about seeing pixie dust on the floor.  So I thought, why not sprinkle gold glitter on the living room rug before the party to make it a little more festive.  BAD IDEA!!  After sprinkling it on the floor and realizing that I was then tracking it through the house, we attempted to immediately vacuum it back up.  Not as easy as it sounds.  So for future reference, maybe refrain from deliberately sprinkling glitter on the floor.

Staley was most excited about the pirate ship and the sea.
She's all decked out in her pirate costume, ready for the guests to arrive.

Staley enjoyed spending time with her cousins and family for her birthday party.  The kids went on a treasure hunt, where they found blue pixie dust, chocolate gold coins, necklaces, pirate swords, and fairy wings.  The grown-ups tried to match fictional fairies and pirates to the movie/tv show/book that they came from.  

A little foam sword fighting, in fairy wings, of course.

Then there were cupcakes to eat, presents to open, and cousins to play with.

Staley got so many fun presents.  Adelie was a little confused.  Since we just had Christmas where there were gifts for everyone, it didn't make a lot of sense that Staley got them all.  Adelie found one particularly intriguing present with Anna and Elsa wrapping paper and asked, "This mine?"   She tried to open a few, but did a good job of not getting upset and giving the gifts to Staley instead.

Fun time with dress-up clothes, of course.

Staley had a fabulous birthday week-end.  She loved everything about it.  So much so that's she's already talking about "next January 11th when I turn 5."  Let's not hurry that along.  I'm still getting used to 4.

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