Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Four Years Old

Disclaimer:  This is my yearly, lengthy, probably boring post about who Staley is right now.  These posts are definitely more for me to remember who my girls are at each stage in life than for anyone else.  So feel free to skip this post.  And if you do choose to read it, consider yourself warned.

Staley is officially a 4 year old.  She is my happy, loving, thoughtful, performing, imaginative little girl.  I'm not sure how much she weighs, but I'm guessing around 35 lbs.  She mostly wears her 4T clothes and size 8 shoes.  She does usually nap at pre-school, but does not nap at home.  She rests at home for 1-2 hours in her room after lunch.  She usually sleeps 11-12 hours at night.  Staley attends pre-school 2 days/week while I work, and she looks forward to Sunday School every Sunday.  She is currently taking a gymnastics class, although that ends this week, and she is excited about joining the Kid's Choir at church with her first practice starting tonight.

Likes:  Staley is easily amused and easily entertained.  Her favorite things to play with are her Barbies (including her Barbie-sized princesses, fairies, and mermaids) and Barbie horses.  She also loves playing with princess/fairy figurines and dressing up in her dress up clothes.  She can spend a long time building houses, castles, and churches with MagnaTiles.  Staley enjoys playing games with Candyland, Memory, Spot It, and her new Princess Cupcake game as her favorites.  She likes puzzles.  Doing arts and crafts is another favorite activity, and she can spend long periods of time coloring, painting, sewing, cutting, or making creations.

Hard at work painting Christmas pottery

Staley enjoys a good outing, but is often very content to stay home and play.  Playing in the bath, wearing her pajamas all day, and watching morning movies are always a fun treat on stay-at-home days.  But she also loves going to other people's houses, gymnastics class, Sunday School, pre-school, swimming, story time,...  Staley rarely complains about what is on the agenda for a day.

A day at home just means more time for dress up clothes and performances.

Staley is very out-going.  She loves making new friends, playing with her friends, and spending time with her cousins.  Her same-age cousins Liam and Lila remain two of her best friends, although she also enjoys playing with Adelie.  Her imaginary brother and sister, Gage and Ariel, also remain a part of her conversation and play.

Staley loves playing with her cousins.

Singing and dancing are constants around our house.  Staley loves to put on shows.  Staley is great at sharing and playing with others, but she is also very good at entertaining herself.  Imaginary play with her Barbies and figurines keeps her busy during rest time, but she also likes playing with her stuffed animals and making forts/nests/beds/boats with her blankets and pillows.  Although we haven't been outside much lately, Staley enjoys going to the park, playing on our play set, going on adventure walks, coloring with chalk in the driveway, and is looking forward to learning to ride a big kid bike.

Staley loves changing the outfits on her Barbies, as well as her magnetic mermaid doll.

Staley LOVES books and enjoys being read to.  She will sit for long periods of time and listen to as many books as you will read to her.  Current favorite books include stories from her 'Storybook Classics' (classic Disney stories) and 'Princess Adventure Stories' (Disney princess stories).  But any book that's new she will ask to read over and over again until she has it mostly memorized.  Then she enjoys 'reading' her books to Adelie, to us, to her stuffed animals, and to herself.  Staley also looks forward to her after-rest television show/movie time.  Current favorite shows include 'Sofia the First' and 'Paw Patrol.'  But more often she wants to watch part of a Barbie movie or less often a Tinkerbell movie.

Reading with Papa

Staley is a good eater.  She loves fruit, waffles, grilled cheese, quesadillas, burgers, brats, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, soups (particularly potato and tomato), cheese, and almost any sweet treat.

Favorite outfits include dresses and tutus.  Anything pink and sparkly is a plus, and the "fancier" the better.  She does love her sparkly glitter shoes and her pink cowboy boots.

Sparkles and fancy = one happy little girl

Dislikes:  Staley does not like most vegetables or crunchy foods (like raw apples or raw carrots).  She is not a fan of loud noises, still covering her ears with firetrucks at the parade or fireworks.  She is particular about her clothing, preferring soft clothes that she can move around easily in.  She does not like tights with feet.  Staley is not a morning person and often does not like to be awoken before she is ready.  Staley does not like parts of movies that have bad guys, often requesting to fast forward through the "scary" parts.  She generally controls her emotions well, but does have her moments of drama, sassiness, and temper tantrums.  Staley also gets distracted easily and can be very slow to do what she's asked.

Skills:  Staley is getting bigger and more independent every day.  She can reach most things she needs with a step stool.  She can do a somersault, walk up and down stairs without holding onto the railing, and pedal a tricycle.  Staley is very good at coloring in the lines, and is starting to be able to cut out simple shapes with scissors.  She can work her new kid's sewing machine with minimal help.  She can write the letters in her name (capitals only), although still has difficulty with the 'S'and 'Y', doesn't always connect the 'A' at the top, and will sometimes make the letters face the wrong way.  She can draw simple pictures (people, faces, suns, animals) that generally resemble what she's trying to make.  She learns new games quickly, and can play a game from beginning to end while following the rules.

Playing 'Hungry Hippos' at Christmas with Uncle Ethan, Adelie, and Liam

Staley is getting independent with many of her self-care activities.  She takes herself to the restroom (including wiping and washing hands), dresses/undresses herself, puts on her socks and shoes, zips her coat, and can button large buttons.  She still needs help for thoroughness with brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, and washing up in the bathtub.  She can work the CD player and the DVD player.  Staley is good at sweeping, dusting, washing dishes, putting her cup in the dishwasher, and helping with cooking.  She loves being a big sister, and is a great helper with Adelie.  (The other day when Adelie was crying because of some tummy pain/constipation, Staley brought her toys, washed her face with a wet wash cloth, rubbed her tummy, and consoled her the whole time she was crying.  It was so sweet!!)

Staley and Adelie watching their after-rest television show

Staley continues to have an amazing memory.  She knows all her upper case letters, most of her lower case letters, and identifies most of her numbers (1-10), although still gets mixed up with 6 and 9.  She can sound out 3 and 4 letter words, can determine the beginning letters of words, and is very good with rhyming.  She can count to 39 unprompted, and then needs assistance for the tens column (40, 50, 60...) up to 100 and beyond.  Staley has many of her books, shows, songs, and movies memorized.  She also remembers things that were done or said a long time ago.  She is very inquisitive, always asking questions and trying to figure out what people are talking about or why things happen a certain way or what certain words mean.  She has a very good vocabulary.  Staley's mind never stops working, and she is quick with an excuse, an argument, or a suggestion.

This sweet girl definitely has a mind of her own.

It's amazing to me how much changes in 4 short years.  I love the increased independence, the helpfulness, the growing knowledge, the decreased drama, and the fun personality that Staley has at 4.  Each year is a blessing, and I'm looking forward to all that this next year holds for Staley.

My 4 year old!

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