Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, January 5, 2015

Merry Christmas to Me

I didn't have a lot on my Christmas list.  There was nothing I really needed.  And so Zach's big gift to me was a week-end away.  He made hotel reservations, got tickets to a show, arranged for baby-sitting, and planned a fabulous little get-away.  (A big thanks to both sets of grandparents for watching the girls!)  As Zach looked at our family schedule, he realized that the only week-end that would work for us to get away before the baby comes was this past week-end.  (He actually realized that, between his busy season at work, having a baby, and having a breast-feeding infant, the only week-end between now and 2016 that would work for us to get away sans kids was this past week-end.  Yikes!!)

And so...we went.  We spent a fabulous week-end up in Chicago.  Although drizzly on Saturday and snowy on Sunday, the temperatures and wind were quite mild for Chicago in January.  (So grateful for the mild temperatures since I don't actually have a coat that I can zip.)  We got to Chicago around noon on Saturday.  After checking into our hotel, we walked around, did some shopping, and then relaxed in our hotel while watching some play-off football.  On Saturday evening, we ate a fabulous steak dinner at Ditka's restaurant (although, sadly, 'da coach' didn't make an appearance) and then, from the 4th row center stage, thoroughly enjoyed the musical, "Newsies" followed by a disappointing fancy dessert at our hotel restaurant.  (Word to the wise:  If you don't quite understand the menu or what you're actually ordering, maybe save the money and opt for a vending machine candy bar instead.)  We slept in until 9 on Sunday morning, had a leisurely breakfast, and walked around Millenium Park before meeting my brother for some Chicago deep dish pizza and then heading for home.

It was such a nice, relaxing, fun week-end away.  And after a morning of two little girls crying, whining, arguing, sassing, and complaining, I'm about ready for another one.

Merry Christmas to me!!

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