Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

She Says...

Adelie is talking up a storm, and she is daily amusing us with the things that she says.  And although we all find many of things Adelie says funny, no one enjoys her more than Staley.  Adelie can always make Staley giggle, which keeps Adelie going and going and going.

Adelie is learning more and more.  She knows many of her colors, as well as knowing that 'amarillo' is Spanish for yellow and 'verde' is Spanish for green.  She can count to 13, usually skipping 5.  She sings many songs including 'Let it Go', 'ABCs', 'Twinkle, Twinkle', 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat', the hot dog song at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 'Jingle Bells', and 'Happy Birthday'.  She knows most of the Disney princesses and characters from Mickey Mouse, Sofia the First, and Sesame Street.  She asks for most of her books by title.  She knows all her body parts.  Her knowledge and vocabulary are expanding every day.

Adelie's favorite phrase is "Adelie do it."  She wants to do everything for herself, from washing her hands to putting on her shoes to reading her own books.  "Adelie do it" is a constant phrase in our house.  She also frequently says "need that" when there is something she wants that someone else has or that she can't reach.  We hear "oopsie daisy" often, usually as she's deliberately dropping things off her highchair tray onto the floor.  And "Sissy go?" or "Sissy doing?" are constant questions as Adelie always wants to be doing what her big sister is doing.

For several months, Adelie has been letting us know when she has "stinky pants".  Over the past few weeks, Adelie has been occasionally letting us know when she needs to use the restroom before she goes.  She will tell us, "Poo poo potty."  She has successfully peed on the potty twice and pooped on the potty three times after letting us know.  The other day, Adelie headed into the bathroom saying "Poo poo potty.  Poo poo potty."  As I tried to follow after her, Adelie emphatically told me, "Adelie do it!"

Adelie has gotten much more opinionated about things that she likes and things that she doesn't.  She will often tell us "Like that." or "Not like that."  She has opinions on everything from her pajamas to her food to her song and book choices.  Now when we sing to her, she will tell us exactly what songs she wants to hear.  Lately her consistent requests have been "Let it Go" (shocker, shocker), "Jingle Bells", and "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer."  And since Sunday, "Happy Birthday" has been added to the mix.

Adelie is starting to say her own bedtime prayers.  She usually prays for 4 people with Elliott always leading the way.  She typically prays for Elliott, Liam, Grammie, and Grandpa.  However, lately, instead of saying "Dear Jesus" to start her prayers, she will often start "Dear Elliott."  So not only is Adelie praying for Elliott, apparently she is also praying to him.

Yesterday at breakfast, Staley kept exclaiming, "I'm 4!  I'm 4!"  Without missing a beat, Adelie piped in with "I"m 6!"  Staley found this hilarious, so of course, Adelie kept doing it.  Last night we were heading upstairs to get ready for bed after dinner.  I was already upstairs, the girls were both on their way up, and Zach had gotten side tracked downstairs by looking at something he found in the mail.  I said, "Now look who's the dawdler in the family.  It's not any of the girls."  Zach said, "I'm appalled."  I replied, "I'm annoyed."  From the stairs, Adelie said, "I'm 6!"

Adelie is so fun right now.  I love hearing her talk more and more.  Who can amuse me on a daily basis?  Adelie do it!

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