Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, January 26, 2015


Staley is a wonderful big sister.  She loves "being in charge" of Adelie and helping her out.  She is good about sharing with her, playing with her, comforting her, giving her hugs and kisses, teaching her, keeping an eye on her, and helping her when she needs it.  She loves to pick out matching outfits that she and Adelie can wear.  Staley is SO excited that she and Adelie will get to share a room when the baby comes.  She always looks forward to opportunities where she can help Adelie do something new.

In the same way, Adelie LOVES her big sister.  She follows her around, plays what she plays, listens to her, always wants to make her laugh, and likes to give her hugs and kisses.  Adelie loves to try to wear Staley's clothes and shoes.  If Staley is brushing her teeth, Adelie needs to too.  If Staley is picking out a headband, so is Adelie.  Whatever Staley chooses, whether it's what she wants for lunch or what she wants to wear or what she wants to do, Adelie usually chooses the same thing.  They are like two peas in a pod.

This morning, Adelie had her very first dentist appointment.  Staley was excited to "help" Adelie at her appointment.  She told Adelie what to expect on the way over, and she told me, the hygienist, and the dentist that she would show Adelie what to do.  The hygienist even let Staley sit in the chair next to Adelie during the appointment.  With the "help" of her sister, Adelie did GREAT.  She sat nicely in the chair, opened her mouth whenever she was asked, and let the hygienist and the doctor do everything they needed to without any fuss at all.  And when it was over, Adelie, of course, picked out the same prize from the prize box that Staley did.

Adelie and Staley chilling in the dentist chair

It makes me so happy to see my girls get along so well and love each other so much.  I know not to count on this forever.  I know that there will probably be times of discord, jealousy, drifting apart.  But for now, my heart is happy and I can't wait to see the love they have for their new sibling too.

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  1. Love! Glad she did so great! Aunt Melissa is proud of you Adelie!