Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Totally Different

Apparently today is a big day in the Sancken household.  Staley decided that she wants to sleep without a rail on her bed.  Now keep in mind that Staley does sleep in a full-size bed that is only about 1-2 feet off the floor.  My father-in-law had a good laugh about the fact that I was actually putting a bed rail on her practically-sitting-on-the-floor bed in the first place.  Staley has been moving around less in her sleep, and if she does happen to roll out of bed, she really doesn't have that far to go.  So while I was changing the sheets today, I removed Staley's bed rail.  She couldn't have been more excited.  Here are some of her quotes:

"My room is so fancy now."
"I look like I'm 10."
"I just want to sleep today at rest time in my bed with no rail."
(While Adelie was crawling around on her bed) "Be careful, Ad.  Don't roll off.  My bed doesn't have a rail anymore."

And my favorite...

"My room looks totally different now."

Who knew that removing a bed rail could account for so much excitement???  Or could make a room seem so different???  I'm just glad that I could bring Staley a little sunshine on this gloomy January day.

Enjoying a little time in her railing-less bed

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