Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, January 9, 2015

Worth the Argument?

This morning Staley and I had an argument.  We were getting ready to go swimming with a few friends and cousins.  Staley informed me that she didn't need to wear her Puddle Jumper (swim floatie) in the deep water today because she's almost 4.  I informed her back that she doesn't know how to swim and even though she's almost 4, that doesn't mean that she can swim without her Puddle Jumper.  She then countered back that she can swim AND breathe underwater because she is a mermaid.  I felt obliged to point out that she is not actually a mermaid and that she still needs to take more swimming lessons before she can swim without a floatie.  At this point, Staley defiantly stated that she is a REAL mermaid and mermaids don't have to take swim lessons.  As I was about to make my rebuttal, I stopped.  Was I really wasting my energy on THIS argument?  About whether or not my daughter is a real mermaid who can swim?  Because, unfortunately, although there is no doubt that I was right, I also know my daughter.  She was not going to be swayed by anything I had to say.  She would have a quick and firm counter-point to any argument I made.  And, in the end, she would be wearing her Puddle Jumper in the deep water at the pool, regardless of how firmly she believed that she could swim without out.

I love that my daughter is sure of herself.  I love that she has a mind of her own and is not easily swayed by others.  I love that she isn't afraid to stand firmly behind what she believes in.  But sometimes it can be a little exhausting.  And if she's like this at 4, God help us when she's 13.

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