Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, February 9, 2015


It's official.  As of last night, Staley and Adelie are officially roommates.  They were both SO excited.  They helped Zach assemble the extra crib that we had gotten from one of Zach's co-workers. When the back and sides were on (with no front, no springs, and no mattress), Adelie took her blanket, laid down on the floor between the 2 sides, and excitedly exclaimed, "My new crib!!  My new crib!!"

Adelie putting all the bolts in the crib holes.

Daddy's little helper.

The girls couldn't have been happier about going to bed in the same room last night.  Staley did inform me that Adelie is sometimes loud when she sleeps.  Of course, she told me this a few nights ago while she was talking and singing in her bed before requesting another drink of water while Adelie was soundly (and quietly) sleeping in the next room.  But despite Staley's concerns about Adelie's noise level at night, both girls went straight to sleep last night and slept soundly until this morning.

The one change that I think will occur because of this new arrangement is that Adelie will be waking up earlier in the morning.  Staley generally wakes up before Adelie, and we will often read books together until Adelie wakes up.  (Staley generally gets up around 7:00 or 7:30 while Adelie often sleeps until 7:30 or 8:00.)  However, when Staley wakes up, she doesn't get out of bed.  She calls for us, or she sings and talks to herself for awhile before deciding she's ready to start the day.  This morning, when Staley started singing in bed around 7:00, Adelie woke up too.  So until I can teach Staley to quietly get out of bed and come tell us when she's up, I'm assuming Adelie's mornings will start a little earlier.  (And, to be honest, I've always really liked that Staley doesn't get out of bed.  When she transitioned to a big-girl bed, we told her not to get out of bed.  And aside from a few rare instances, she still follows that rule 2 years later.  I'm assuming Adelie's transition to a big-girl bed may not be quite the same...hence the second crib.)  However, since Adelie still naps, if she is missing out on a little extra morning sleep, she can always make it up later in the day if needed.

We did have a few tears when Adelie was getting ready for her nap today and realized that Staley would not be in her bed during nap time.  (As Staley's "rest" time is anything but quiet, having them in the same room for rest/naps was not an option.)  But apart from a little earlier rising time for Adelie and some short-lived nap-time tears, the transition, so far, has been smooth.  

This afternoon when Adelie started crying about her nap, Staley told her, "Don't cry, Adelie.  You are my best friend and my sister and my cousin.  I love you."  (Okay, so it may not have been entirely accurate, but the sentiment was there.)

They laugh together, they play together, they bake together, they love each other.  And now, they sleep together.  They are sisters...and best friends...and cousins...and now roomies too!!

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