Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Big Sisters

There were two small members of our household who were very excited about the birth of their new brother.  Staley woke up on his birthday declaring, "It's baby day!!  It's baby day!!"  When she was dropped off at pre-school, she immediately ran around the room to tell each of her little friends that her baby brother or sister was being born that day.  On the day he was born, my parents picked the girls up from pre-school/the baby-sitters and brought them to the hospital to meet their brother for the first time.

Staley was enamored.  She held him for about 15 minutes, singing him soft lullabies, giving him gentle hugs, and talking sweetly to him.

Adelie was initially a little less impressed.  Briggs had given his big sisters gifts when they came to visit, including coloring books and markers.  Adelie helped hold him for about 15 seconds and then pushed him away and said, "Color now."

The next day, however, the girls returned for another visit.  Without the lure of a new coloring book, Adelie was much more interested in her new baby brother.  She held him and tickled his toes...and had to be reminded several times to be gentle.

Tickling Briggs' toes

And since being home, both girls LOVE their baby brother.  Staley is a great helper.  She always asks to hold him, makes up cute little lullabies to sing him, and likes to help with anything I'm doing.  She brings him blankets and stuffed animals, makes little beds for him, tries to entertain him with rattles, and even gently pushes him in the swing (while it is automatically swinging).  He has no lack of hugs and kisses.

What a great big sister!

Adelie is a little more frightening.  She, too, loves to hold him.  For the first several days, she would point at Briggs and say, "Let me hold it."  or "I hold that."  But now, she will refer to him as "him" or "baby Briggs".  She will hold him for long periods of time, which is surprising for Adelie's attention span.  She gives him lots of hugs and kisses and tickles, although has also tried to "help" him open his eyes, bounced around on the bed while he was lying on it, and has rocked him (with a little too much enthusiasm) in his car seat.

Adelie holding her baby brother.

Adelie has also been very interested in baby Briggs eating.  The first time she saw me nursing Briggs, she asked what he was doing.  I said that he was eating.  Confused, she asked, "Baby Briggs eating Mommy's boo boos?"  I guess it does kind of look that way.

Briggs definitely does not lack for any love and attention around our house.  He has two big sisters who dote on him, and I know it's only a matter of time before he loves them right back.

And my heart couldn't be happier.

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