Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Birthday Girl

Adelie had a fun, festive, family-filled celebration for her second birthday.  On her actual birthday, Grammie went with us to the Bloomington Children's Museum for a fun morning outing.  Adelie spent the most time climbing and running around in the toddler area, but enjoyed dressing up, painting, climbing in the climber, and playing in the music room as well.  Eating out at the Subway in the train station was a fun lunch treat, as Adelie got pizza, a cookie, AND got to see several trains drive past.  Winner, winner!

Playing in the toddler area with Staley
(And yes, Staley insisted on the striped tights with the striped shirt.  I did talk her out of the floral skirt.)

In the evening, both sets of grandparents joined us for Adelie's birthday dinner of Michael's tortillini and gondola sandwiches topped off with mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Adelie then got to open her birthday presents from us and her grandparents.  She was excited about all her presents, everything from her 'Frozen' shoes to her new baby doll to her Paw Patrol characters.  Staley had picked out a special Minnie Mouse movie and gave Adelie a Minnie Mouse nightgown, which were both big hits.

Excited about her new Paw Patrol toy

On Saturday, we had Adelie's birthday party.  She had a Minnie Mouse themed party, and was excited to share her fun day with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

There were Minnie Mouse decorations...

So excited about the balloons!

Festive fireplace banner

Staley and Adelie helped color and decorate all the Minnie bows.

There were Minnie mouse treats...

Gotta love breakfast foods...paired with cupcakes and Minnie pink punch.

Minnie cupcakes

After singing 'Happy Birthday' to herself, Adelie needed a little help blowing out the candles.

And, of course, there were Minnie games.

The kids pinned the bow on Minnie.
And to celebrate Adelie's two-ness, the grown-ups tried to match up famous duos.

And to top off an already great party, Adelie also got presents.

Present time

But the highlight of the party for Adelie wasn't the decorations or the games or the cupcakes or even the presents.  She had the most fun spending time playing with her sister and her cousins.  And we had a great time celebrating our little 2 year old!

Our little birthday girl!

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