Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Interview with a 2 Year Old

In honor of Adelie's second birthday, I interviewed her.  She does well with conversation and answering questions, but if she doesn't understand something, she'll just say "What?"  So for some of these questions, her answer was initially "what?" until I reworded or asked in a different way.  And some questions, like "what is your favorite toy?" or "what do you like to do at Miss Meagan's house?" were consistently met with "what?" and, therefore, didn't have real answers.  But for the most part, she did well with her interview, so here it is...

What is your favorite color?  "Purple"
What is your favorite food?  "Cheese and crackers.  Fruit."
What is your favorite dessert?  "Mint chocolate chip" (ice cream)
Who is your best friend?  "Gia and Holden and Evie [Everly]"  (from her baby-sitters)
What is your favorite outfit?  "Pink tutu"
What is your favorite show?  "Trucks" (Blaze and the Monster Machines)
Who is your favorite princess?  "Cinderella and Ariel and Jasmine and Snow White"  (Surprisingly, she failed to name Elsa, who seems to be her most favorite.)
Who is your favorite train?  "Percy"
What is your favorite song?  "If I Were a Butterfly" (which was Staley's most recent kid's choir song)
What is your favorite book?  "Mr. Mischief"
What do you like to wear for bedtime?  "Sofia nightgown"
What is your favorite bear?  "Rainbow Bear"
What do you like to listen to in the car?  "Gigglebellies"
What do you like to do in the nursery?  "Play with Miss Alyssa"
What do you like to do with Staley?  "Twirl around"
What do you like to do with Briggs?  "Shake his hand" (and not a congenial 'nice to meet you' shake, but a 'grab-your-arm-and-make-it-shake-up-and-down' shake)

And who is my most favorite 2 year old??

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