Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Name

We had picked out a boy's name for our child several years before Staley was born.  And that name wasn't Briggs.  It was Halas.  Named after George Halas, founder of the Chicago Bears, we had long ago determined that Halas was the name we liked for a boy.  If Staley had been a boy, she would have been Halas.  Had Adelie been a boy?  Halas.  And up until a few weeks before he was born, Briggs would have been Halas too.  But a few weeks before he was born, Zach's sister suggested the name Briggs.  It still has a link to the Bears, as Lance Briggs has had a long and successful career as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears.  Zach and I both really liked the name.  And we were both becoming concerned that people would automatically shorten Halas to Hal.  I really didn't want a baby Hal.  And so Briggs it became.  (Thanks, Jill!)

Lucas was an easy choice for us.  Growing up, Zach's cousin Luke was his best friend.  Luke lost his battle with cancer when he was just 15.  We had always known that we wanted to honor Luke's memory by naming a child after him.  I'm glad Briggs gets to share his middle name with someone who was so important in Zach's life.

Zach and Luke

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