Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


By this time tomorrow, we will no longer be a family of 4.  Zach and I will be outnumbered.  Staley will be a double big sister.  Adelie will be a middle child.  And the doctors can officially let us know if baby #3 is a girl or a boy.  And I can't wait!!  Sure, there is a little anxiety that always accompanies a surgical  procedure.  And yes, I will continue to think about and worry about the health and safety of our new baby until he or she is in my arms.  But the primary feeling I have at this moment is excitement.

Staley and Adelie are excited too.  The past few weeks, Staley has been demonstrating a little more clinginess and sadness.  I'm not complaining that she has been more cuddly, wanting to sit on my lap or hold my hand or give me more hugs and kisses than usual.  And although she can't verbalize why she has occasionally been bursting into tears for no reason, I can only assume that she is anticipating this major life change that is about to occur.  Every time Staley talks about the new baby, she is very excited, but I do think she is also very aware that life is about to change.  So yesterday, as a special treat, I left work a little early, picked up Staley from pre-school, and we had a fun little outing.  Staley wanted to go to the Build-a-Bear store and make big sister presents for herself and Adelie.  Then we also picked out fun, new pajamas to wear for their sleep-over with grandparents while we are at the hospital, and rounded out our trip by sharing a fruit smoothie.  It was such a fun time to give some undivided attention to my oldest.

Life is about to change.  My attention is about to become more divided.  My days are about to get busier.  My nights are about to become less restful.  And although I can't imagine my heart being any fuller than it already is, I know it will be.  Our life is good.  Our God is good.  Each day with my family is a blessing, and tomorrow is going to be a big one.

My little loves...ready to be big sisters.

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