Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adelie Time

I knew that I would enjoy being off work for maternity leave.  I knew that I would need that time to learn about life as a mom of 3.  To figure out Briggs' schedule.  To have time to bond with my little man.  I knew that I would cherish that extra time at home with my girls.  But I didn't anticipate the extra one-on-one time I would have with Adelie while Staley went to pre-school, and just how much I would enjoy that time.

Adelie is the middle child.  She has always had Staley around.  And in many regards, that has been so wonderful for her.  She LOVES her big sister.  They entertain each other and play well together.  And now she LOVES being a big sister to Briggs.  She is always wanting to play with him and hold him and cuddle him and she really, really, really wants to give him a pacifier.  Being in the middle means there is always someone around.

The downside of Adelie's middle-childness is that I have had very limited one-on-one time with her.  Usually when we're home together, Staley is home too.  And before Briggs was born, when Staley was in pre-school, Adelie was at the baby-sitter while I worked.  But during my maternity leave, Adelie is usually home with me while Staley goes to pre-school.  Since Briggs spends a good portion of the day napping, I have had lots of quality one-on-one time with Adelie.  And it's been so fun!!

Adelie likes to pick out her own clothes, but is always agreeable if I just pick out something for her to wear.  When I ask her to do something, she usually does is happily and quickly.  Getting out of the house is generally quick and easy.  And she's so fun to play with.  When we play figurines or Barbies, she doesn't dictate what I say or do.  If my figurine says, "Do you want to go to the beach?", hers always answers, "Yup."  If my Barbie says, "Let's get ready for the ball", her Barbie always says, "Okay."  Although she often loses interest quickly in reading when we are reading Staley's books, she will sit on my lap for much longer periods of time to read books when we are just reading one Adelie book after another.  And when I need to feed Briggs or take a shower or get lunch ready, Adelie can happily entertain herself without difficulty.  She's just fun and easy.

I love having all my kids home together.  It's always fun to hear Adelie and Staley playing together and laughing together.  But I have really enjoyed my special time alone with Adelie.  I had thought that she might be more difficult without Staley to entertain her and keep her company, but our time has just been delightful.  I'm really going to miss these days when I have to head back to work (in just 5 more weeks), so I need to take the time to appreciate them now.

Because I'm just loving my Adelie time!

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