Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, April 6, 2015


What a fun and full Easter week-end we had.  Our Easter festivities started on Saturday with brunch and an Easter egg hunt with my family.  A highlight for all the kids was getting to play with Uncle Ethan, who came home from Chicago for the week-end.  (I think Ethan needed a nap after spending the morning playing with all his nieces and nephews.)

All dressed up...

for Easter fun...

with cousins.
(Isn't she looking so grown up??)

On Saturday afternoon, we gave the girls a special Easter treat.  Big girl bikes!!  We had actually gotten one for Staley for her birthday (in January), but then decided it was kind of cruel to give her a bike that she couldn't actually use for several months.  After further thought, we decided that Adelie should probably get one too since otherwise she'd just want to ride Staley's all the time.

Checking out their new bikes.

Adelie hasn't quite gotten pedaling figured out yet, but she's still pretty excited about her Minnie bike.

Staley is good at pedaling, but steering is still a work in progress.  She looks pretty snazzy on her new princess bike, even if she's veering off in the wrong direction.

On Sunday, we started our day with church.  The girls then found their Easter baskets while Briggs had a morning snack.  They were pretty excited about their new Paw Patrol figures.

Not the stellar Easter sibling photo I had hoped for, but it was worth a try.

Adelie wasn't too keen on picture time, but Staley was more than happy to pose for me.

And Briggs never complains about having his picture taken.

We then headed over to Zach's aunt's house for a scrumptious Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt.

A successful cousin photo.

Both girls loved hunting for eggs.

After a quick nap/rest time, we then ventured over to my aunt's house for some more family time and yet another Easter egg hunt.  Luckily, the thrill of finding plastic eggs doesn't seem to fade for either of my girls.

Adelie found a slinky in one of her eggs.  Winner, winner!

Briggs spent much of his Easter like this.

We even managed a Walles family photo.

We had a wonderful week-end of spending time with family, riding bikes, finding eggs, eating good food, playing, laughing, and celebrating the good news that our Savior lives!

We are so very blessed!

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