Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Staley is very big into surprise parties.  Although she has never actually been to one, she talks consistently about the surprise parties that she is planning--for us, for Adelie, for grandparents, for cousins, for friends, for neighbors.  For the past several months, she has been telling Zach how she was going to throw him a Chicago Bears surprise party for his birthday.  (So maybe she didn't quite understand the surprise element.)  She talked about the decorations, the games, the gifts, the food.  And so, instead of just idle talk, we decided to make it happen.

What a big heart my little girl has.  She was SO excited to make this a special day for Zach.  She made decorations.  She picked out everyone's outfits.  She chose Zach's favorite dessert--and made sure she served him first.  She made very thoughtful gift selections.  She couldn't wait to hide in the closet and jump out to surprise him when he got home from work.  It made me so happy to see the way she was putting someone else first, and putting so much effort into making someone else so happy.  And Zach was truly surprised.

Staley and Adelie colored a bunch of Bear's pictures and put them up around the house.

Streamers were a necessary part of Staley's party plan, and she was very excited about the "streamer tunnel" that we made.  She also picked out blue and orange balloons, while Adelie decided we also needed some white ones.

We got Zach's favorite dessert--Busy Corner cherry pie.

When I asked Staley what she wanted to get Zach for his birthday, she said, "A Bear's jersey and Bear's chapstick."  However, when we went to the sports store to pick out his gifts, she took her time walking through the whole store, looking at each and every Bear's item.  Then she narrowed down her selection to the Bear's football and the Bear's flag.  We decided to get them both.  (I also got Zach some Bear's glasses...mostly because we are running low on glasses.)

Staley wanted to make sure that everyone wore Chicago Bear's outfits for Zach's birthday, so she picked out what everyone was going to wear.  Luckily, it wasn't too tough finding blue and orange in all our closets.

Zach told the girls that he has had 37 birthdays, and this was his most special one.
I would have to agree.

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