Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, April 11, 2015

They Say...

My girls are so fun right now.  (Well, except for when they are crying about ridiculous things, arguing, or tattling on each other.)  Adelie talks so well, and she continually cracks me up with the things she says.  She has lots of little phrases that are so cute, like how she always says "pick up me"  instead of "pick me up."  Or how she says CaroLION instead of Caroline when talking to/about her little cousin.  Or how she always says "a tiny little bit" as in "I wear my Sofia nightgown for a tiny little bit."  (This is her way of asking if she can wear her nightgown a little longer before getting dressed in the morning.)  She still generally answers affirmatively with "yup."  And in her agreeable way, if I ask her to do something, she'll often answer "Sure."  When we ask if she needs/wants to use the potty, she'll often decline by saying "I'm fine."  Since her birthday, when Adelie says her bedtime prayers, her 'thank yous' now generally include "thank you for my birthday party."  And, of course, if Staley is saying, doing, or singing something, Adelie is usually right there with her doing it too.

"I play soccer for a tiny little bit."

Staley has her own Staley-isms that make me smile.  When picking out new books or movies at the library, she will often proclaim, "I'm really curious about this one." or "I'm really interested in this one."  And, according to Staley, her favorite colors are now pink, purple, rainbow, and cheetah.

Staley has had 1 practice and 3 games for her soccer season.  She really enjoys playing, but has been known to kick the ball towards the wrong goal or get distracted by other things going on around her.  She always runs after the ball (sometimes with reminders), but is not very aggressive and is pretty gentle about how hard she kicks the ball.  At her last game, she was busy hugging one of the other members of her team while the other team was scoring.  She has not scored a goal, or really even come close.  However, after her last game, she told Zach, "I think I scored a lot of goals."  Maybe not super competitive, but at least she's making friends and feeling confident in her abilities.

My little soccer player

My girls always make me smile.  With who they are.  With the things they do.  And with what they say.  My life is full... more than just a tiny little bit.

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