Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, May 1, 2015

Pushing It

Adelie has always been an active girl.  She was my most active baby in utero.  As an infant, her legs never seemed to stop kicking, making it nearly impossible to keep her swaddled.  She crawled, walked, climbed, and destroyed quickly and efficiently.  She's just always been a busy little girl.  And now, although she enjoys playing more quiet activities like figurines and Barbies and baby dolls, she still is often running from room to room, climbing on the furniture, jumping off things, and wrestling with her sister.  She's a sweet, happy, fun little one...but she is busy.

And in the past few weeks, Adelie has started testing the boundaries that we've set for her more and more.  A common question she asks now is "This not being a good listener?"  as she is engaging in an activity that she's not supposed to.  "This not being a good listener?" as she climbs onto the table.  "This not being a good listener?" as she pours her milk onto her plate.  "This not being a good listener?" as she climbs onto the back of the sofa.  "This not being a good listener?" as she is kicking her legs while I'm trying to change her diaper.  "This not being a good listener?" as she eats her ketchup with her spoon.  The other morning at breakfast, I told Adelie to stop putting her fingers in her syrup.  She looked me in the eye, dangled her fingers a few centimeters over her syrup, waited several seconds, and then dipped them back in with a mischievous grin.  Or the other day at Staley's soccer game, I told Adelie that she couldn't cross the white line onto the soccer field.  She walked right up to the line, put her toes on the line, and then took one step over the line.  I have a feeling that's going to be our life--us drawing the line and Adelie taking one step over it.

When we ask if Adelie understands a consequence that she will get if she continues misbehaving, she always answers, "Yep."  And she generally takes her consequences or sits in time out willingly, as if doing what she wasn't supposed to was totally worth a few minutes of sitting on the couch or not getting to listen to music before nap.

Adelie's busy-ness has always kept me on my toes.  And now her boundary pushing has added another dimension.  But her fun-loving, exuberant, happy nature just makes me smile...even when she's jumping on the couch and asking, yet again, "This not being a good listener?"

She may not always be the best listener, but she definitely brings so much joy to my life.
And gray hair.