Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, June 8, 2015

Big Day

As a kid, there are just some days in the year that you spend the whole year looking forward to and talking about.  There's Christmas.  And your birthday.  And, in our family, there is also State Farm Play Day.  State Farm Play Day is a carnival on steroids that is exclusively for State Farm employees and their families...and Staley has been talking about it and looking forward to it and planning it since last year.  For the past 2 years, we have taken Liam (Staley's cousin and birthday twin) with us and left Adelie home.  This year we still took Liam, but Adelie and Briggs also got to join in the fun.  The weather was beautiful, the activities were amazing, and the kids had a BLAST!!

Getting to ride an ACTUAL school bus to the park is a great way to start off the day.

So excited about getting started on the fun.
There were lots and lots of bouncy houses, games with fun prizes like squirt guns and glider planes, and a huge tent full of craft activities.
The kids had so much fun making sand art necklaces.

And temporary tattoos are AWESOME!
But after bouncing, gaming, crafting, and tattooing, the kids couldn't wait to ride the ponies...3 times!
Adelie loved her first ever pony rides.

And, of course, Staley was in her element.  Finally an activity where pink cowboy boots are actually appropriate footwear.  :)

And then it was time for the rides.  There were so many fun rides...the spinning apples, the ladybug ride, the train, the cars.  I did put Adelie on the roller coaster with the big kids...where she went from looking terrified to crying by the time the ride was over.  Oops!!   (She was also scared of the Nemo and the Caterpillar bouncy obstacle courses, but happily enjoyed the other bouncy houses and bouncy slides.)  Because she is so independent and tries to keep up with Staley, I sometimes forget how little she still is.
Staley and Liam thought they were big stuff going down the big slide all by themselves this year.

The big kids LOVED the roller coaster, riding up front.  Liam had his hands held high, while my more cautious daughter held on tight.

The little ferris wheel is always a favorite.


And then we grabbed a fruit smoothie on the way back to the bus.
And Briggs was his usual happy, easy self.  He spent the morning like this...
(happily soaking in the action)
and this...

Napping in his K'tan
And if that had been all there was, it would have been a great day.  But the day became absolutely amazing when we then got to go to a playground and splash park to celebrate our niece Caroline's first birthday.

So after a full and fun morning at Play Day, then there was lunch and cookies and cupcakes and playground fun and cousins and presents and lots and lots of playing in the water.

A full morning of Play Day fun + an afternoon of birthday party fun =

three very tired kids.
But it was SO much fun!

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  1. I think I forgot to thank you for taking Liam again this year! (you know in the midst of Caroline's very unorganized party) but he loved going with you guys and showed me his sand art necklace in the car today. THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT AUNT AND UNCLE!