Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Don't Want to Forget

I don't want to forget... Adelie talks in her cute little Adelie way.  Like singing the 'Ipsy, Bipsy Siber'.  Or how she pronounces her 'L's as 'Y's, so she talks about her cousins Yiya (Lila) and Yam (Liam).  Or how she loves her sister Saywee and refers to herself as Adawee.  And how she always wants 'yots and yots' of fruit at mealtime. Staley watched a little princess movie where Cinderella gave a 'gift from the heart' by singing a song to the king so now Staley will tell me that she has a special gift for me and then will get out her little microphone and sing me a song. if something is funny or silly or fancy or twirly, Adelie always quantifies it as 'super duper really silly' or 'super duper really twirly.' people making funny faces and noises at him will just make Briggs laugh and laugh. Staley and Adelie love to color and will always tell me who each picture that they are coloring is for.  Most often the pictures are for Zach and I, but they also color pictures for each other, friends, grandparents, and cousins.  I could literally wallpaper my office at work with the pictures that they've colored for me. when Adelie is playing with figurines or Barbies, her character will often say, "I'm so frustrated." every night at dinner when I tell the girls what we are having, Staley announces how much she loves whatever it is.

...the cute little sound that Briggs makes when he is sucking on his thumb. Staley still sleeps with Yellow Bear (now more often called Teddy and sometimes Drew) and Adelie now always needs to sleep with Little Green Bear (which is a miniature-sized Beanie Baby and much harder to keep track of). Staley is very encouraging about Adelie trying to use the potty and even made her a potty chart without any prompting from us and puts stickers on it for Adelie every time she tries to use the potty.  (Unfortunately, she is way more excited about Adelie trying to use the potty than Adelie is.) Adelie will always take her empty fruit cup, put it over her mouth, and announce, "I'm a goofball." Staley told me the other day that the thing she loves most in the whole world is her family. 

Me too, Staley.  Me too!!

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