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Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, June 5, 2015

Three Months

Yes, it's true.  My baby boy is already 3 months old.  He's my smiley, happy, mellow, easy little guy.  He now weighs about 13 lbs.  He is starting to outgrow his 0-3 month clothes and is starting to wear his size 2 diapers.  (I'm still using up the size 1 diapers and haven't gotten around to washing up the 3-6 month clothes, but both will hopefully happen this week-end.  :))  Briggs eats every 3-4 hours during the day and about every 3-5 hours at night, usually waking up once between 1 and 3 a.m. and again between 4 and 7 a.m.  Thankfully he eats quickly and goes right back to sleep.  He usually takes 3 naps during the day.  And he still spits up lots...and lots and lots.  But that doesn't stop him from being one happy little guy.

My smiley baby

Likes:  Briggs loves baths, his play mats, and being outside.  He just lights up when people talk to him.  He is now happy spending time in his bouncy seat.  Briggs really likes music, specifically the music that he listens to with Zach.  Deer Tick is a current favorite...for both of them.  Briggs enjoys outings, and is generally very happy in his Baby K'tan and Baby Bjorn, either awake or asleep.  And he always enjoys the attention from his sisters. (Well, most of the time anyway.)

Quality play time with his two favorite sisters

Just hanging out

Dislikes:  Briggs generally only fusses when he is hungry and tired.  And he has to be pretty hungry or pretty tired before he'll let you know.  He also doesn't like wind in his face or really wet pants.

Life can be kinda serious sometimes.

Skills:  Briggs does great with holding his head up, both when upright and during tummy time.  He sometimes rolls from his stomach to his back, but it's not consistent.  He loves to bat and kick the toys on his play mats, and is getting better and better at grabbing toys.  He'll still only hold rattles or toys placed in his hands for short periods of time.  Briggs loves his right thumb, and can usually get his thumbs or his hands in his mouth.  We can lay him down for naps when he's awake, and he'll just find his thumb and put himself to sleep.  He does great on outings, being awake and happy or sleeping on the go.  Being a third child, it's good that he seems to be able to go with the flow.  Briggs has a contagious laugh and a smile (with a dimple in his left cheek) that just lights up his face.  He makes lots of sounds and coos when he's 'talking' to us.

Watching big sisters ride their bikes can be tiring.

Tummy time master

These past 3 months have flown by.  Briggs has already grown into such a happy, sweet, easy baby.  And he continues to fill our days with smiles and our hearts with love.

My little 3 month old

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