Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, July 31, 2015

Over So Soon??

It's already the last day of July.  Kids go back to school in 2 or 3 weeks.  Although the warm weather will probably stick around for another month or two, I feel like summer is already winding down and there's still so much we haven't done.  We haven't been to State Farm pool.  We haven't had enough play dates with school-age friends and cousins.  We have yet to make it back to bicycle Safety Town.  We've barely been to the Farm park or the zoos.  We just put up our blow up pools in the yard for the first time today.  Where is our time going???

I guess it's been going to...

The Kid's Fun Run at State Farm Park
A few outings to local zoos and parks and the Eureka 4-H Fair
Making costumes for a costume ball that Staley planned
(Doesn't everyone do that in the middle of July???)
Just hanging out and enjoying the fun
Play dates with friends
Sprinkler time in the backyard
There has also been story hour and the summer reading program activities and a sleep-over with Lila and plenty of trips to the library and lots of outside play time.  The St. Jude Run is this week-end, Staley will have Vacation Bible School next week, we have a few more play dates planned, and Staley's weekly summer acting/creativity class will culminate in a little production.  We have definitely had a fun summer so far, but I just feel like it's going by really quickly.  Before we know it, the pools will close, the pumpkin farms will open, and I'll wonder, yet again, why time insists on flying by so quickly.
So I'm trying to just enjoy these days before they are gone.



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