Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, July 20, 2015

That's Just How We Roll

On Saturday of this past week-end, I took Staley and Adelie to a birthday party for one of their friends at church.  The party started at a park for play time/snacks/gifts, and then ended with a pool party at the local swimming pool.  My girls wanted to wear dresses for the party (of course), and then we just changed into suits when we got to the pool.  So while most of the kids were just wearing their bathing suits at the park, Adelie was wearing her favorite "super duper really twirly" dress and a matching necklace.  As we were walking from the park into the pool, a lifeguard stopped us and, looking at Adelie, said, "Oh, this must be the birthday girl!"  I responded, "No.  Just birthday guests."  The lifeguard replied apologetically, "Sorry.  She just looks so cute all dressed up, I thought it must be her party."

It was an honest mistake.  I didn't have a chance to explain to the lifeguard that we don't need a birthday, or even a party, to bust out the tutus and twirly dresses and jewelry.  This is just everyday wear at the Sancken house.

"Super duper really fancy"...that's just how we roll.

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