Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day of School

Yesterday was Staley's first day of 4 year old pre-school, and she couldn't have been more excited.  Attending a new school with a new teacher and new kids didn't seem to phase her one bit.  She couldn't wait to get to school, and ran right into her classroom without even saying good-bye.  I was a bit underwhelmed by her school's lack of organization for the first day, like when her teacher told me items that Staley needed for her first day of school as I was dropping her off for her first day of school or how they had it incorrectly noted that I'd be picking Staley up at 3:30 (after talking in person, on the phone, and in e-mail to the director about Staley's schedule), yet didn't seem at all phased that I wasn't there until 4:45.  Regardless, Staley had a great day!!
So what was so great about Staley's day?  Well, in the running commentary she gave me on the drive home, her new school is so great because...
1.  They sing TWO days of the week songs during circle time.
2.  There is a stage in her classroom AND a horse center in her classroom, which she shared were both her favorites.
3.  There was a gym where they did two recesses (because it was too wet to go on the playground) and the gym had tricycles (small, medium, and large ones, apparently) and also a see-saw that she did with Lila (her cousin and pre-school buddy) and her new friend Chloe.
4.  They got to have waffles for lunch. 
5.  They had 2 snacks with apple juice at BOTH snacks.  We don't have juice at home, so this was a big treat.
6.  Staley got to borrow a Rapunzel blanket and a squirrel stuffed animal for rest time (since I wasn't aware that I needed to bring rest time items for her), and she seemed very pleased with her borrowed items. 
7. She made a new friend, Magnolia, who is almost 5 AND there is an Owen in her class just like at her old school, although it is a different Owen AND there is a girl named Charlie.  All of these were very exciting facts that Staley couldn't wait to share with me.
8.  They got to do 2 crafts.  One where they painted with water (although from the description, I think it was watercolors) and one where they put paint on their hands.
9.  Her new teacher, Mrs. Lytle, was nice and her other teacher (that she couldn't remember her name) was also nice.
10.  She still gets to go to pre-school with Lila, and spending two days a week with Lila is one of her most favorite aspects of pre-school.
Lila and Staley at their back-to-school night.
And yes, this was the best picture I got of them.
Staley had a great day and is already excited about going to school again on Thursday.  So although they may not be organized or be able to figure out a student schedule or send a supply list prior to school starting, at least my daughter is happy.  And, in the grand scheme of 4 year old pre-school, that's really all that matters.

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  1. I was also underwhelmed with the organization.... :(. I was hoping after an entire summer of school they would have it together! But I am glad you got a full recap because lila didn't tell me hardly any of this!! I may need a daily staley report!