Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Five Months

Time just keeps flying by!!  Briggs is already 5 months old.  He keeps growing and learning and changing, but remains my happy, smiley, social, easy baby.  Briggs now weighs about 14 pounds.  He still wears his 3-6 month clothes and his size 2 diapers.  He nurses every 3-4 hours during the day and still gets his baby food prunes once every 2-3 days.  He usually takes 2 longer naps (about 1.5-2 hours) each day with an occasional third cat nap depending on how long and when his other naps are.  His night time sleep habits have become a little more consistent, although it's become consistently less than ideal.  He usually sleeps from about 8:00 at night to around 7:00-8:00 in the morning, waking to eat twice during the night (around 11-12 and again around 3-4).  He has only slept through the night once in the past month, and has had a couple other 7-8 hour stretches.  Otherwise, he's still waking up every 3-5 hours throughout the night.  He continues to spit up quite a bit, poop about once a week (even with the prunes), and drool lots.  But it's hard to complain about short night time interruptions to my sleep and spit up on my clothes when in all other ways, he's the happiest, easiest baby.

And yes, he is generally this happy.

Likes:  Briggs is such a happy little guy.  He loves attention, and his big sisters can always make him smile and laugh.  Bath time and going outside are two of his favorite activities.  He loves his play mat, his spinning sea animal toy, and his rattles.  He's not a big fan of books yet, losing interest quickly, but current favorites include 'Baby Talk', 'Silly Tails', and any book that makes sounds.  Briggs still enjoys music, funny noises, and zerberts.  He hasn't met a person he doesn't like, freely giving out smiles to anyone who talks to him.  And his right thumb remains his best friend.

Getting some love from his big sister
A thumb is so nice because it's always there.

Dislikes:  Briggs gets fussy when he's tired or hungry or lonely or bored.

Skills:  Briggs is a mover.  He can roll from his back to his stomach and stomach to back consistently.  He will also scoot around and pivot around on his stomach or back.  He'll work his way off his play mat or blanket, all over in his crib, and even ended up halfway under Staley's bed this morning while playing on the floor in her room. 

He's happy to just play on his blanket in the yard.

Briggs is great at reaching for and grabbing toys...and then bringing them to his mouth.  He also likes to grab noses, hair, his burp rag, my cup when I'm drinking, and anything else within arms reach.  Briggs makes lots of cute coos, squeals, and noises, and laughs often.  He is starting to enjoy games like peek-a-boo and likes when we make funny faces or sing songs to him.  Briggs continues to fill our lives with joy!!

My big 5 month old

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