Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, August 28, 2015

Good-bye, August!

What a great end to August this has been.  Kids have gone back to school, and that means that many of our favorite places and parks have suddenly become way less crowded and busy.  Top that with the gorgeous fall-like weather we've been having, and we couldn't be happier about getting out and enjoying our days. 

We started off our August cheering Zach on at the St. Jude Run.

Daddy's little cheerleaders
We swam in our pools in the yard.

We enjoyed play dates with friends.

Adelie and her friend, Joey
We ran in the Kids Run for Fun with cousins.

All the cousins are ready to run

All the kids ran their entire races.  Adelie ran 200 meters with the rest of the 2 year olds, Liam and Staley (above) ran an entire 1/4 mile with the 4 year olds, and Elliott used his boundless energy to join the 6 year olds in a 1/4 mile run.
We've enjoyed some fun time with cousins at the zoo and the Farm Park.

Staley and Adelie posing with Lila at the zoo
Farm Park fun with Lila and Liam
And yes, Briggs and Caroline were there too.
But a huge August highlight?  The Community Bash at Aunt Jill's church.  It was amazing.  There were bouncy houses and food and music and games and face painting and pony rides.  A helicopter flew in and landed.  There were fire trucks and huge propane fires that the firemen would put out.  There were hayrack rides and laser tag and fireworks.  We are totally going back next year!!
Olivia with Liam, Staley, and Lila
(Since Liam was staying with my parents for the week-end, he got to join us in our fun.)

Staley was in heaven.  The Community Bash had all her favorite things.  Pony rides.  Face paint.  Bouncy houses.  And...

Anna and Elsa.
Winner, winner, winner!!
And yes, Briggs has joined us for all these fun adventures.  He just hangs out in his carrier and takes it all in.

Briggs just chillin' in his K'tan
Hooray for August!!!




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