Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, August 3, 2015

Laughs with Adelie

Adelie amuses me daily with the things she does and the things she says.  Sometimes I try to blog it, but for whatever reason, it just doesn't always translate well.  I can't blog the cute little way she talks.  I can't blog her earnest expression.  I can't blog her mischievous grin or the way her face lights up when she realizes that she made us laugh.  It's hard to blog the words and phrases she uses, the connections she makes, the learning she's doing that seem so grown-up in her little 2 year old voice.  It's hard to blog, but I want to remember this cute little time in her life, so I'm going to try...

Yesterday morning while I was upstairs getting ready for church, Staley and Adelie were downstairs having breakfast with Zach and talking about how they both wanted to be Anna (from Frozen) and wear their hair in pigtail braids like Anna does.  When I came downstairs, Adelie came running up to me and said, "I want to be Anna, but my hair isn't strong enough."  Zach laughingly corrected, "I think you mean your hair isn't LONG enough."

On our drive to church yesterday morning, we had this conversation:
Staley:  "Sometime I want to go see the real Winter [the dolphin from the movie 'Dolphin Tale']."
Adelie:  (who always wants to be just like Staley) "Me too."
Me:  "Maybe someday if we go to Florida, we can stop and see Winter."
[About one minute later]
Adelie:  "Can I get my gloves?"
Me:  "What gloves?  Why do you need your gloves?"
Adelie:  "For winter."

The other night at dinner, Adelie had a princess plate.  I scooped some rice onto her plate with part of it landing on the picture of Tiana.  Adelie said, "Tiana might say 'get that off my dress!'

Adelie loves fruit.  She asks for multiple helpings of fruit at every meal, making sure we give her "yots and yots."  The other night, Adelie had already had several helpings of fruit.  When she asked for more, I gave her a small final helping.  She said, "That's not yots and yots."  I replied, "You've already had lots of fruit.  This is all you're going to get."  Looking down at the small pile of fruit, Adelie responded, "I want bigger blueberries."  I guess if you can't have more, bigger is the next logical option.

With the great summer fruit we've been having, both girls are very interested in fruit with pits and always ask if fruits have pits in them or if they can see the pit.  The other day at lunch, I gave each girl a plum.  Instead of asking if the plum had a pit, Adelie asked, "Does this fruit have a stump?"

This morning while driving Staley to VBS, Adelie was looking at an Alice in Wonderland book in the car.  As she was asking about various pictures in the book, I told her that Alice fell down in the rabbit hole into a strange new land.  On the way home, Adelie was again looking at the book and I heard her say, "Alice fell in the mouse hole.  That's a really strange idea."  Close. Very close.

Adelie has many cute word mix-ups, pronunciations, and Adelie-isms that she uses.  Like how she says "binokiners" instead of binoculars.  Or "bocamole" instead of guacamole.  Or how, when singing 'All the Pretty Little Horses', she sings about "apples and grays" instead of "dapples and grays."  Or how she changes the line in 'Let It Go' from "I don't care what they may say" to "I don't care what they're never gonna say".  I love how she calls Briggs her "baby brudder."  Or how, when asking what time of day it is, she will ask, "Is it morning-night?"

Each day is filled with cute little Adelie sayings that make me laugh.  Even reading back over this blog post, I realize that typing these out doesn't really do justice to how cute and funny they seem in the moment.  But at least they'll be stored here and maybe my mind can fill in the missing pieces--the voice, the facial expressions, the pronunciation--that just brings a smile to my face.

Each day with Adelie brings so much laughter and joy.

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