Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bad Ideas

This morning while I took my shower, I put Briggs in his crib with a few rattles and his mobile on.  Although the girls do really well with him, I feel like he's safer confined to his crib rather than rolling around on the floor with his sisters running around, getting into whatever they might have inadvertently left on the floor.  When I got out of the shower, I went to check on Briggs.  He was happily playing in his crib...with an empty plastic zip lock bag.  Apparently Adelie thought he'd enjoy playing with it after she had dumped her toys out of it.  She was right.  *sigh*

Staley tells me every day about what she is going to be for Halloween and what she is going to do for her next birthday party.  It is never the same.  She will up-date me multiple times every day with different costume ideas and different party themes, including what type of face paint she'll use or what kind of cake she'll have or what the games will be. This morning she told me she was going to have a Disney World party for her next birthday.  I asked what a Disney World party is.  She replied, "It will be at Disney World and I will invite all my friends."  I guess it's kind of like a swimming party or a gymnastics party, only a bit farther away...and a few thousand dollars more expensive.

The other day, I was getting changed to go for a run.  Staley likes to run with me (we usually run/walk around the block, then she rides in the running stroller, and then usually runs the last block), so she asked if she could change into some running clothes and come with me.  I said, "Sure."  She went into her room to change out of her dress and came back wearing...a different dress. *sigh*

This morning, Briggs was playing on the floor.  He was lying on his stomach, playing with some toys.  Adelie walked over to him and proceeded to sit on him like a horse.  I reprimanded her.  She cried.  And then immediately tried to do the same thing to the cat.  *sigh*

My girls can have some good ideas.  They recommend fun activities, pick healthy snacks, and make some nice crafts.  But it's probably just as well that they are not always in charge.

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