Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, September 11, 2015

Duped by a Two Year Old

One of our recent parenting frustrations is our girls' neediness after we have put them to bed at night.  We've barely made it downstairs when the girls are calling to us with their needs.  "I need a drink."  "I need another hug and kiss."  "I need another lullaby."  "I need to tell you something."  We generally let them know that we are not coming back up and that most of these things can wait until morning.  However, Adelie has realized that when she tells us she needs to go potty, we usually come up.  And so "Mommy, I need to go potty" has become a several-times-each-night-after-lights-out occurrence.  She's got us in a sticky spot.  If she does need to go, we want her to tell us so she can use the bathroom rather than her pull-up.  And sometimes she does need to go when she calls us.  But often she doesn't.  Either way, she has figured out that "I need to go potty" are those 5 magical words that can get us back upstairs.

Last night, Adelie was talking through the monitor, asking for various things, and we were letting her know that we weren't coming up and that she just needed to go to sleep.  A little later, Adelie called, "I need to go potty."  Zach went upstairs.  When he got in her room, he said, "Adelie, do you really need to go potty?"  Adelie responded, "Nope.  I just want a drink."  And there you have it.  Here's a girl who has figured out how to get what she wants.  Only two and a half years old, and she's already learning how to manipulate the system.   And here we are, 30-something years in and getting duped by a 2 year old.

Is this the face of a master-mind?
Apparently so.

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