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Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Seven Months

Another month has flown by, and Briggs is now 7 months old.  I feel like I blink and he's a month older.  He probably weighs around 15 lbs.  He's wearing his 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes and his size 2 diapers.  Briggs eats 2 meals, takes 2 naps, and nurses 4 times during the day.  I should knock on wood, but Briggs has been sleeping 5-8 hours at a time at night for 4 of the past 5 nights.  (Much better than the 3-5 hours at a time he'd been sleeping for the past 3 months.)  He's sweet and cuddly and smiley and playful and fun!!

And pretty cute too.
Likes:  Favorites still include bath time, being outside, and hanging out in his Baby K'tan.  Briggs' favorite toys are his stacking cups, Little People bus and ark, spinning alphabet ball, stacking rings, and activity table.  He likes books, and current favorites are 'Baby Talk', 'Dada', 'Peek-a-Who?', and books with big flaps or mirrors.  Briggs is a good eater and will eat all his baby foods, but fruits and sweet potatoes are preferred.  Peek-a-boo, belly zerberts, and silly noises can always make Briggs laugh.  He still loves being held, his right thumb, and his sisters.
Briggs' spinning alphabet ball is a favorite.

Dislikes:  Briggs gets fussy when he is tired or hungry. He is starting to demonstrate a bit of a preference for his mother, and will sometimes cry if other people are holding him when I am in the room.  He is also showing his temper when he is put down and wants to be held.  It seems like consistent times when he gets mad about playing on the floor is when I'm trying to make a meal, serve a meal, or eat a meal.  He will scream and cry, and then immediately stop as soon as he is picked up.

This was tonight when I was trying to make supper. *sigh*
Skills:  Briggs is now very mobile.  He will roll across a room and can pivot on his stomach to get what he wants.  He sits really well, and can go from sitting to lying down with a controlled fall.  He can stand at his activity table for short periods of time.  Briggs is great at grabbing everything and anything within his arm's reach, and he has a surprisingly long reach.  He can activate his toys, bang toys together at midline, and put everything in his mouth.  He will also help turn pages and lift flaps in his books. 
Briggs is a good little eater.  Messy, but good.
Briggs makes lots of cute noises and sounds.  He has made sounds like 'dadadada' and 'mamamama' and 'hi', but nothing that is a first word.  When he wakes up happy in his crib, he makes the cutest little happy squeals.  And I just love his laugh.  I think he's starting to understand some of what we tell him.  But one thing is for sure.  He's a cute little bugger, a happy little guy (unless I'm cooking, apparently), and a joy to our family.
My little 7 month old

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