Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sibling Love

My absolute favorite thing right now is the love that my kids have for each other.  Nothing fills my heart more than to hear my girls giggling and playing together, or seeing the way Briggs lights up around his sisters, or the joy my girls get from helping with their baby brother.

Such great big sisters.  And such great friends.

Staley and Adelie are still two peas in a pod.  And although we do have arguing and tattling and tears, they generally play really well together.  They love to chase and scream and wrestle, but they also like do crafts and dress up and ride bikes and play Barbies or figurines together.  They watch movies together and read books together and still often like to dress alike.  If one of them is cleaning up, the other one will help.  If one of them is helping with dinner, so is the other one.  Whether it's kids choir or story hour or just playing at home, Adelie joins right in with what Staley is doing.  And Staley takes her responsibility of keeping an eye on Adelie and helping her out very seriously.  Adelie gets so excited when Staley and I come home from work/preschool on Tuesday afternoons, but usually Staley is getting the first hug.  My girls will often hold hands, and they are quick to comfort one another.  I love the bond that they have.

My little helpers doing the dishes together.

My girls 'reading' their new library books together.
They love to match.  And they love each other!!

Briggs likes to get in on the sibling love too.  He loves to watch his sisters play, and they are quick to make him smile and laugh.  But they are so good with him too.  They bring him toys, wipe up his spit up, pick out his outfits, help feed him his baby food, and love to help with his baths.  They'll keep an eye on him when I'm making meals or showering.  He is never lacking for hugs and kisses.  The girls both get so excited when Briggs learns a new skill.  They'll roll a ball back and forth with him or dangle toys for him or play peek-a-boo with him.  If he's laughing at something I'm doing, they both want to do it too.  As Adelie is apt to say, "I love my baby brudder."

Adelie and her baby brudder

I love my kids.  And I love how my kids love each other.  It just makes my heart happy!!

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