Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Letter

I know many of you have received our Christmas letter, but this blog is as much for us as it is for others.  I always like to post our letter here as this is the archive of our family story.  For those of you who think it's lame to post something you've already read, I've included a new, Christmas-y picture at the bottom to appease you.  Here you go:

How can it be time to write the Christmas letter again already?  Didn’t I just do this??  I think I blinked and this year just flew by.  Instead of writing the same old narrative about all that we’ve been up to this year, maybe I’ll give you a flashback to your school days and make this more of a Christmas pop quiz.  For those of you that are stressed out by the mere thought of not being prepared for a school assignment (here’s looking at you, Erik), feel free to brush up on your Sancken family facts with our blog at   So take out your #2 pencil, keep your eyes on your own paper, and let’s get started…

1.        What was Zach’s biggest accomplishment this year?
a.       Welcoming his son into the world
b.      Helping organize the inaugural Eureka to Peoria St. Jude Run that raised a first year record $64,700
c.       Continuing to enjoy his job and gain more responsibilities at State Farm
d.      Convincing his daughters that ‘Bear Down, Chicago Bears’ is an acceptable lullaby (and teaching them to sing along with every word)

Answer:  These were all big moments in his year, but the birth of Briggs has to be the biggest moment for all of us…closely followed by hearing Staley and Adelie sing every word to the Bears fight song each night before bed.

2.       I still work 2 days a week at the Children’s Hospital as a pediatric occupational therapist and get to spend the rest of my days home with our kids.  What do I most like to do in my free time?
a.       Read
b.      Run
c.       Travel
d.      Cook, sew, garden, and make Pinterest-worthy DIY projects

Answer:  Trick question.  With 3 kids under 5, a husband, a home, and a job, I have no free time.  And if you picked d as things I’d enjoy doing in my free time, consider yourself off the Christmas card list. 

3.        Staley (almost 5 years old) is our opinionated, imaginative, inquisitive, and sweet little girl who loves Barbies, crafts, horses, princesses, and pretending.  She is enjoying a variety of activities this year including pre-school, soccer, choir, and drama class.  Staley is full of grand plans and ideas.  What is she not currently planning for?
a.       Her up-coming birthday party…and what she will do, wear, eat, and perform for said party
b.      Her next Halloween costume…and the one after that and the one after that
c.       When and how she will acquire a real horse
d.      A process in which she will become fast and efficient at accomplishing everyday tasks.

Answer:  With all the time spent thinking and talking and imagining and planning, Staley can’t be bothered with insignificant tasks like getting dressed, brushing her teeth, or picking up toys in a timely manner. 

4.        Adelie is 2 ½ years old.  She is lively, enthusiastic, independent, and hilarious.  She loves mermaids and princesses, as well as monster trucks and trains.  She and Staley are two peas in a pod.  Adelie is lots of fun, but definitely keeps us on our toes.  What phrase does Adelie generally not hear on a daily basis?
a.       “That’s a ridiculous thing to cry about.”
b.      “I think that’s a bad idea.”
c.       “You are being too calm and quiet.”
d.      “You know you’re not supposed to climb on that.”

Answer:  If you answered anything other than c, then you haven’t had a chance to meet Adelie. 
5.        Briggs is our newest addition, joining the family in March.  He’s our happy, cuddly, easy-going, social little guy.  Now 9 months old, he’s all smiles and drool.  What skill would I prefer Briggs not accomplish in the near future?
a.       Talking
b.      Feeding himself
c.       Potty training
d.      Mobility

Answer:  I’d like Briggs to be able to communicate his wants and needs in a way other than screaming.  I’d absolutely love to only feed myself at meals and have a diaper free home.  But mobility?  He’s on the verge, but I’m fine with him just staying in one place for a few more years months.
6.       Our year was full of the busy-ness of having a baby and raising 3 kids.  What else were we able to accomplish this year?
a.       Taking a major vacation (other than our annual week in Michigan and week-end trips to Chicago and St. Louis)
b.      Completing a big house project
c.       Watching every Chicago Bears game
d.     Sleeping through the night consistently

Answer:  We may not have been able to accomplish big vacations or house projects, but watching the Bears?  Now that’s something we can do, sleep-deprived and all.

7.       What have Jake and Elwood done this year?
a.       Napped
b.      Napped
c.       Napped
d.      All of the above

Answer:  Yep.  That’s about it.
8.        To all of the individuals on our Christmas card list, what are we wishing for you?
a.       A very merry Christmas
b.      A happy New Year
c.       A healthy and blessed 2016
d.      All of the above

Here’s wishing it all to you and more.
With love (and no failing grades),
Ellen, Zach, Staley, Adelie, and Briggs

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  1. Our whole family enjoyed your Christmas quiz. So creative!!!