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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Disney: Traveling and the Resort

I'm not sure how to do this.  I don't know how to blog this trip so that I remember it all.  I don't know how to choose from my over 250 pictures (which I've already trimmed down from close to 500) to best portray this trip.  I don't know how to include all the little things, like how the table in our hotel turned into a bed (super exciting!!), without leaving out any of the big things, like meeting every single princess.  I'm not sure how to do this, but I'll try.

We were in Disney for about a week, flying out on Saturday and flying back on Friday.  Before we even got to Disney, we had the excitement of FLYING in an airplane.  Both girls were thrilled about this.  And all 3 kids did great traveling.  They loved watching a movie in the car on the way to the airport (in Chicago), riding the shuttle bus at the airport, flying on the plane, riding the bus to our hotel,...  Even all the bus rides we took to and from the theme parks every day were fun for the kids, as they had a great time meeting new people.  I think we made new friends every single time we rode the bus!  And Briggs traveled like his usually Briggsy self.  He napped a little, played a little, snacked a little, and loved smiling at everyone he saw.

So excited to be on the shuttle bus from the parking garage to the airport terminal.  They were seriously giddy with excitement about this little bus ride.

I packed the girls' backpacks with airplane activities and snacks.  They amused themselves throughout both our flights doing art activities, playing with figurines, singing, and snacking. 

Briggs did a little of this on the plane...

...and some of this too.

And although waiting in line to go through security at the airport was a little trying (standing still in a long line is not really Adelie's strong suit), the girls LOVED the escalators, elevators, and moving walkways at the airport.  Especially the moving walkways.  Talk about hours of fun for the whole family!!

One of our many bus rides to and from the theme parks each day
Once at Disney, we stayed in a family suite at Art of Animation in a 'Cars' themed room.  The suite was great.  There were two bathrooms, a bedroom, a living room/kitchenette area, and a little dining area.  And, as I mentioned before, the girls thought it was AWESOME that the table turned into a bed, so we could eat breakfast in the same place that Staley slept each night.  (Adelie slept on the pull-out sofa in the living room and Briggs slept in a pack and play.)

The super exciting bed/table.
Disney doesn't do anything halfway.  Our room (and the entire resort) was totally themed out.  Our room was wall-to-wall 'Cars' themed.  The carpet had traffic cones imbedded, the artwork was scenes from the movie, the dressers looked like toolboxes, and the lamp shades were traffic cones.  Even the shower curtains were 'Cars'.  And the girls loved discovering all the little Disney amenities, like how the soap wrappers had Tinkerbell on them and how the shampoo had Mickey ears.

The toolbox dresser was Zach's favorite.
The whole resort was themed for 4 various Disney movies, and each area had its own amazing décor.  The Little Mermaid area had huge (like 3 stories high) statues of the main characters.  The Lion King area was very Jungle-y.  The Nemo area had all the Nemo characters, and also had the biggest pool.  And then the Cars area had life-size replicas of all the cars in the movie.  Mater was right outside our building, and the girls wanted to take pictures with him just about every time we came and went from the building.  But they loved walking through the resort and checking out all the other areas as well.

Staley with Mater

Adelie and Guido
We went back to our resort for nap time on 2 days.  But since neither girl could calm down enough to nap at the resort, I took them swimming while Zach and Briggs got a little mid-afternoon shut-eye.  Our resort had 3 pools, so we tried out 2 of them.  Of course, they were both a big hit...because who's going to complain about swimming outside in a heated pool in the middle of January??

Other resort highlights:  We could see fireworks from several of the different theme parks from our resort, and even our hotel window.  The employees were all super friendly and gave our girls lots and lots of stickers.  I could call guest services and they'd come through with whatever it was we needed--a pack and play for Briggs to sleep in, extra blankets, a box fan,...  Our bathroom had a really big shower, and the girls had the best time taking a shower together in there.  They showed movies on a big screen outside several nights of the week, complete with popcorn.  (Staley REALLY wanted to do this, but the night we stumbled across it, the movie was almost over--and just getting to the "scary" part.)  Buses ran directly from our hotel to each of the 4 theme parks, and there was never much of a wait to get on the bus.  Our hotel had a cafeteria-style restaurant where we ate 2 nights.  It was a little slow, but they had a make-your-own-pasta station which Staley chose both times we ate there and declared her favorite meal of our whole trip.  Disney even picked up our bags at the airport and delivered them directly to our room, and then we were able to quickly and easily check our bags and get our boarding passes at our hotel so that our return trip was much less stressful.  (Well, except for trying to keep Adelie from touching everyone's luggage and climbing on the rope dividers while waiting in the long security line at the airport.) Disney definitely has this costumer-service thing down.  Everyone we encountered went out of their way to be friendly and helpful and to make things as easy as possible.


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