Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stories by Staley

Today Staley was making pictures with stickers on paper.  After she had finished, she told me that the stickers made a story and asked me to write the stories for her.  She dictated and I transcribed (word for word) her stories for her.  I loved them!  The flow of the story, her use of language, her descriptions...  I didn't want to forget them or lose them over time, so I'm documenting them here.

Friends are the Name of Friendship
by Staley

"Hooray!"  said Anna one winter morning.  "Today we are going to meet the big animals of Palace Pets."

Elsa chimed in, "Of course.  We would always do that."

Music hit Anna and Elsa's ears.  They knew the animals were coming.

When the big animals came, Lilac said, "I think there might be more animals coming."

There were more animals coming.  But the animal was small.  And Nora said, "It's just a small cat."

Kyli said, "Get it out of here."

And Anna and Elsa said, "No!  Don't shoo her away.  This is the home."

"Yes, this is the home, " thought Kyli.  "She can stay."

The End

The Story of Love
by Staley Sancken

Once upon a time there lived a mean witch, and she had an evil plan to do that morning, to capture the older of the two uni-brothers.  It was hard to find it because it was foggy.  But she finally caught it with her wand.  And when she did, she sang a happy song.  And it went like this:  "You're coming with me.  You're coming with me."  As she cackled it, the dancing fairy, Una, heard it and wanted to help.  She grabbed the witches leg with her arm up, and she bent her leg and her arm and slowly pulled the witch away from the older uni-brother. 

The End

Notice the 2 uni-brothers (unicorns), the witch, and the fairy.  Staley had also colored in the fog.

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