Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ten Months

My Briggs is now 10 months old.  He's growing and changing and amazing me daily.  He now weighs around 17 lbs.  He's outgrowing his 6-9 month clothes, now mostly wearing his 6-12 and 12 month clothes and his size 3 diapers.  Briggs eats 3 meals a day, nurses 3 times, and takes 2 naps.  He sleeps for 11-12 hours at night.  He now has 4 teeth that we see often with his big smiles.

Love that smile!

Likes:  Briggs is still a happy little guy.  He loves being mobile and exploring his world.  Current favorite activities include emptying the Christmas card basket, opening and closing doors, removing books from the book shelf, digging through my purse, taking the DVDs off the shelf, and taking everything out of his toy box.  He also likes anything with wheels.  Briggs loves watching his sisters play, and likes to try to join in .  (Luckily, his sisters love to play with him too.)  He is still a bit of a Mama's boy, but will happily hang out with other people when I'm not in the same room.  Briggs enjoys reading books, especially ones with textures, sounds, and flaps.  He also likes music, baths, peek-a-boo, mirrors, and paper.  He's a great eater and eats almost everything we give him, but loves fruit, bread/rolls, waffles, pancakes, Puffs, and crackers.  (He would do well on an all-carb diet.  :))  He still loves that right thumb.

Emptying Mommy's purse is great fun.

Vroom, vroom, vroom
Dislikes:  Briggs will get fussy or clingy when he's tired.  He can be vocal when he's in his high chair without food on his tray.  Now that he's fully mobile, he doesn't get upset when people leave the room or when he's tired of his current play activity because he now is free to find something else to do.  So far, Briggs hasn't been a big fan of eggs.  He will eat pasta and vegetables, but they are not his favorites.

Skills:  Briggs is now fully mobile.  He crawls (quickly), kneels, and pulls to stand.  He's still not super-stable when standing holding onto things.  Briggs can press buttons, open and close doors, push his cars, roll a ball back and forth, turn pages, bang toys together, and pick up little things with his thumb and index finger (and then put those little things directly into his mouth.)  Briggs is now primarily eating table foods.  He finger feeds and holds his own cup.  He always takes off his hat and socks.  Briggs now consistently says 'mama' and 'dada', but is imitating a variety of other words including grandpa, uh-oh, amen, book, and no-no.  He signs 'more' and 'drink' and just started signing 'book' tonight.  He imitates 'moo' and will make the vroom-vroom sound when playing with his cars.  Briggs is understanding so much more.  He will shake his head 'no' when told 'no' or when he's about to do something he's not supposed to.  He plays peek-a-boo, waves, dances to music, kisses, plays 'so big', and has the best laugh.  Briggs just lights up my life!!

Playing peek-a-boo with the bathroom door
My big 10 month old!!


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