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Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Disney: Day #4

The kids all slept very soundly each night of our vacation.  Not surprising since Adelie had yet to nap since we left home and most of Briggs's naps were the 20-30 minute cat-naps he'd take in the carrier as we walked around the parks.  We kept our schedule on Illinois time so that we'd have a little more time for evening fun before bedtime, but that also meant that we generally wouldn't get to the parks until 9:30 or 10:00 each morning.  Briggs was our alarm clock each morning.  He must have known that our trip was winding down because the last 2 days of our trip, he woke us up a little earlier to make sure we had ample park-time each day.

Staley resting on my lap before one of the shows at Hollywood Studios.
Day #4 was our day at Hollywood Studios.  We got there just after the park opened, so we enjoyed fitting in a few character meet-and-greets before any lines had formed.  The girls met Pluto (who they thought was hilarious when he signed their autograph books by putting them on his nose), and then we met Darth Vader and Chewbacca.  For some reason, Staley was adamant that she wanted to meet Darth Vader.  (For my daughter who still gets scared by cartoon movies, we obviously have not shown her Star Wars.)  Regardless, meeting Darth Vader was her top priority for our day at Hollywood Studios.  Adelie wasn't so sure about either Darth Vader or Chewbacca, but Briggs didn't hesitate one bit.  Chewbacca was probably his favorite character of the entire trip!  We then enjoyed the Frozen sing-a-long show (Staley's favorite show of the trip), which ended with Elsa making it 'snow' inside the theater.  I was less than impressed by the show itself (mostly just the audience singing along to snippets of the movie), but the last 2 minutes with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff on stage and the snow falling down made it totally worthwhile.  We rode the Toy Story ride (fun times!) and ate a quick lunch.  It then rained on and off throughout the rest of our day.  I had hoped to let the kids play at the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area, but it was closed due to the rain.  Instead, we enjoyed some indoor fun with some more shows (Little Mermaid, which was Adelie's favorite; Beauty and the Beast, and Disney Jr., which was Briggs's favorite since there were bubbles, music, snow, and confetti falling from the ceiling that he could try to eat) and some more characters (Sofia and Minnie).  I even took the opportunity to ride the Tower of Terror while the girls rested (still no naps!) in the stroller.  We then headed over to the Grand Floridian for our Happily Ever After dinner with Cinderella (again), Prince Charming, Cinderella's step-mother, and step-sisters.  The buffet was fabulous, and the dessert buffet was even better.  This was my favorite meal of the trip!!  And to add to the wonderful food, the step-mother and step-sisters were hilarious!  Upon coming to our table, Lady Tremaine gave Briggs a curt glance and said, "I like you.  You're quiet.  It's a good flavor."  She also gave Staley a hard time about having her sign the autograph book on the same page with the step-sisters, commenting that Cinderella probably had her own page.  After dinner (and a quick stroller mix-up), we rode the monorail to Magic Kingdom before catching our bus back to the hotel.

Ready for some Hollywood Studios fun

Pluto making the girls laugh when signing their autograph books.

Adelie wasn't so sure about Darth Vader

But Briggs had no qualms about Chewbacca.
And I know I already posted this picture, but I love it.
Minnie loved Briggs!!  She kept "asking" (in her Minnie way, since she doesn't actually talk) if he could stay there with her.  He got lots and lots of Minnie kisses.  And, of course, he didn't seem to mind.
So fun to meet Sofia too!
All princessed up for the Happily Ever After dinner

Posing with Lady Tremaine

A little quality dinner time with Anastasia

If you are wearing a princess dress and have a little time to kill while waiting for Daddy to return the stroller that wasn't ours in the hopes that ours would still be there, then what better way to pass the time than by twirling??
What a fun, full day!!
*Hang in there.  Only one day left...

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