Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, February 5, 2016

Disney: The End

Our last full day at Disney, we went back to Magic Kingdom.  Since we'd already had one day there, both girls had things on their list that they wanted to do.  On our first day there, Staley and I had ridden Goofy's Barnstormer (a little roller coaster) together.  Staley was almost in tears on the ride and determined that she did not like it.  But she was convinced that she really wanted to ride the Seven Dwarves Mine Train (a bigger, longer roller coaster).  I was not going to wait in the long line (generally over an hour) to ride something that Staley might not even like, and there were no more fast passes for the week that we were there.  I told her that if she really wanted to do it, we'd have to get to the park early on our last day there and ride it before the lines got long.  She was all in for that, reminding me the night before to get her up early and mentioning it first thing when we got up that last morning.  (Luckily, Briggs woke us up in plenty of time to make it to the park early.)  We got to the park before it opened, and headed straight back for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train.  The line was already long-ish, but moved quickly and we only waited about 15-20 minutes.  Staley still looked terrified riding the ride and, when given the chance later in the day to ride it again, she declined.  However, she tells everyone that it was her very favorite thing about Disney.  (I think she's just really proud that she did it.  :))  While we rode the Mine Train, Adelie, Zach, and Briggs did the Little Mermaid ride again...twice.  And then we all did it two more times that day.  Since we were at the park so early, we were able to do a bunch of activities with little to no wait, and then were able to use our fast passes for other activities later in the day.  We met Rapunzel, Cinderella (for the 3rd time), mermaid Ariel (for a second time, as Adelie really wanted to see her again), and Tiana.  We rode It's a Small World, Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Jungle Cruise, the carousel, and the tea cups.  It rained for much of the day, pouring down for periods in the afternoon, which was not ideal, but definitely decreased crowds and wait times.  Adelie FINALLY took a nap in the stroller.  I rode Thunder Mountain Railroad while Adelie slept and Staley rested.  (I gave Staley the opportunity to join me, but she declined this roller coaster too.)  And then Staley and Zach went on the Tomorrowland Speedway while Adelie slept.  She woke up in time for the Festival of Fantasy parade.  It was raining, but we inherited an umbrella from some nice people near us AND we got front row seats.  So really...winner, winner.  That night, we ate dinner at Cinderella's castle, where we met Cinderella (for the 4th time), Aurora (again), human Ariel (again), Jasmine (again), and Snow White.  The girls were very excited that Snow White was there, as she was the last princess we had yet to meet.  Although we were sopping wet (and a little chilly from being wet), we had an amazing table right by the stained glass window overlooking the carousel, the princesses were fun, the food was great, and the girls loved getting wands and making wishes on their wishing stars.  After dinner, we watched the Main Street Electrical parade (both girls LOVED it), the girls used their special money from Uma and Papa to buy a souvenir (a Snow White play set for Staley, a musical/light-up Little Mermaid bubble wand for Adelie), and then we watched the fireworks from the bus stop while waiting for our bus back to the resort.

Last day family time with Rapunzel (with Briggs and his ONE sock)

Staley and I on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train
(Not exactly the face of someone riding their favorite ride)

The Little Mermaid ride was Adelie's most favorite ride of our trip.  We rode it 5 times, and Adelie would have been happy if we could have ridden it even more.

Briggs was very interested in all there was to see on the "It's a Small World" ride.

Adelie's first nap of the entire trip happened on the last day.

A little wet, but still happy to be watching the Festival of Fantasy parade.

Briggs was happy to see Cinderella again, even if it was our 4th time.

Adelie making a wish on her wishing star at dinner.

Seeing the castle all lit up at night was a great way to end our Disney adventure

Disney is magical, but it doesn't mean that, while there, your children won't still be your children.  Staley was still Staley.  She was still slow to get ready in the morning and at night.  She was still sensitive about "scary things", making us evaluate each show or ride to make sure it wasn't going to be traumatic for Staley.  (Guess we didn't do a great job with "It's Tough to Be a Bug.")  And she still occasionally busted out her stubborn attitude, like some of the times I'd want to get our picture taken as a whole family.  And, even at Disney, Adelie was still Adelie.  She was always on the move, often climbing on dividers, hanging on us, wrestling with her sister, or trying to stand on our feet while waiting in line for rides or characters.  She was still a very messy eater.  And although we didn't have any major tantrums, busy days on end without a nap resulted in more than our fair share of toddler tears.  Of course, Disney didn't stop Briggs from being Briggs.  He still threw unwanted food on the floor, often making me embarrassed of the way our table looked after a meal at a nice restaurant with food all over the floor by both Briggs's and Adelie's seats.  And he still refused to keep his socks on.  So if you happen to be at Disney and see a lone sock somewhere on or around the Little Mermaid ride, it's probably ours.  :)

The trip was wonderful!  Yes, there were some lines.  Yes, there was some rain.  Yes, there was some sassiness, some tears, and some lost socks.  But there was way more of this...

and that made it totally worth it!!

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