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Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, February 8, 2016

Eleven Months

My baby is almost one year old.  How can that be??  He is changing so quickly, but still remains my happy, cuddly, social, easy baby boy.  Briggs is now weighing 18.5 lbs.  He is wearing his 6-12 month and 12 month clothes and his size 3 diapers.  Briggs nurses 2 times, eats 3 meals, and usually takes 2 naps during the day.  (If he sleeps in, some days he'll only take one nap.)  He usually sleeps for 11-12 hours at night, going to bed between 7:30 and 8:00.  He has 5 teeth, and is really working on his 6th one.  He goes to the nursery at church, took his first airplane ride, went to Disney World, and had his first haircut.  He's growing up so fast!!!

My big boy on the airplane
(Shockingly, no one wanted to sit in a middle seat next to the woman with a baby on our return flight, so Briggs got to sit in his own seat for awhile.)

Likes:  Briggs is still really happy and fun.  Many of his likes remain the same:  bath time, eating, music, Mommy, his sisters, outings, his right thumb...  He does great just going along on outings (or trips to Disney), happily riding along in a baby carrier, cart, or stroller, and smiling at everyone who talks to him.  He plays with a variety of toys, but favorites include his tow truck/garage toy, the Paw Patrol dogs and vehicles, his cars/trucks, the house in the basement, and the Little People zoo.  He also really likes playing with Staley and Adelie's princess figurines.  He still loves things that aren't really toys--paper, anything out of my purse, Desitin, DVDs, spoons,...  He likes to crawl around while pushing things.  (On our vacation, one of his favorite activities in the hotel room was crawling around while pushing the double stroller.)  Emptying drawers and emptying shelves remain favorite activities.  Briggs is a great eater.  Favorite foods include crackers, grilled cheese, any and all fruit, Puffs, Cheerios, and meatballs.  He still enjoys books, still preferring those with sounds, flaps, and textures.  And playing with his sisters is one of his favorite activities.

Happy to be hanging out in his carrier.

Briggs is great at making friends wherever he goes.
Pushing our stroller around the hotel room
Dislikes:  Briggs will get mad if he's in his highchair without food on his tray.  He still sometimes has a preference for Mommy, getting mad if someone else is holding him.  And he can get a little testy if a toy/item that he's playing with gets taken away or if he's removed from a fun activity, like crawling up the stairs.  But he's generally just a happy little guy.

Happy to be hanging out with Mommy
Skills:  Briggs is a fast crawler.  He pulls to stand (on everything), climbs onto low furniture, is starting to cruise along furniture a little, is starting to walk with his push toy, and will even let go and stand unsupported for 1-2 seconds at a time before plopping to the ground.  Briggs loves to put things in and take things out.  He can activate his toys, clap, poke with an isolated index finger, and pick up teeny-tiny things with his pincer grasp.  He can put balls into his ball toys or animals into the swing and slide on his zoo.  Briggs finger feeds, holds his own spout cup to drink, removes his socks and hats, and opens his mouth for his teeth to be brushed.  He will put a comb or brush up to his head for brushing.  Briggs is starting to say so much.  He consistently says (without prompting):  Mama, Dada, Staley/Sissy, uh-oh, thank you, kitty.  With prompting, he will imitate lots of different words like Grandpa, Grammie, Papa, Adelie, up, cracker, bye, night-night, Ariel...  He signs "more" and "drink" and sometimes "book."   He will tell you that a cow says "boo" and will imitate "baa" for sheep.  Briggs understands so much and will hand toys to us when we ask, give kisses, wave, shake his head no, clap, and is starting to sing along (in his own Briggy way) when I sing him lullabies for nap and bedtime.  He has the best laugh, and the sweetest personality.  I just love this boy!!

My boys!

My big 11 month old

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  1. I love his little face. How can he possibly be almost a year old???