Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Question of the Day

 Does my son's cuteness override the fact that he thinks it's funny to pull my hair and bite my shoulder?

Unfortunately, yes.  Yes it does.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

There was reading the Easter story.
There was going to church.
There were matching Easter outfits.
There were Easter baskets with things like...
baseball gloves...


and Puffs.
There were Easter egg hunts.

There were certain children who were only interested in finding one egg.

There were cousins.

There was food.
There was family.
There was a day of celebrating the joy of our risen Savior.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Adelie's birthday, and what a fun day it was!!  The day started with cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  (Always a treat!)  We then met some cousins and friends (and Grammie) for a little swimming play date followed by lunch with cousins at Firehouse Pizza.  When I asked Adelie what she wanted for her birthday dinner, she replied, "I want to eat at the restaurant with the bear."  So when Zach got home, we met Uma for dinner at Cornerstone, complete with a big chocolate chip cookie for dessert.  When we got home, Adelie opened a few presents (including about 6 different things that Staley had sewn for her) and then slept soundly after her big, fun, busy day.

Adelie with her birthday swimming crew
Enjoying her birthday cookie

Adelie had her rescheduled birthday party this morning.  And although some of the family had to miss due to sickness or other plans, Adelie still had a great time celebrating.  Not surprising, Adelie chose to have a mermaid party.

Staley and Adelie helped make party decorations.

There were plenty of birthday goodies, including some ocean blue punch...

and Ariel cupcakes.
The party guests also played a last-man-standing game where they had to determine if the name I read was a mermaid or not.  Although Uma put up a good fight, Staley was the winner.
If Adelie was wishing for lots of fun birthday presents, well...
she got her wish.

What a fun time we had celebrating out little 3 year old!!

Friday, March 25, 2016


This morning I was asking Adelie questions for her 3 year old interview before breakfast while Staley was listening in.  When I asked  Adelie, "What's the best thing about you?", Staley piped in, "Maybe that you have such a good big sister."

Nope.  No self-esteem issues here.

Interview with a 3 Year Old

Here is Adelie's 3 year old interview:

Favorite color:  Purple
Favorite food:  Cinnamon rolls (although we were just getting ready to have those for birthday breakfast.  I would have guessed pancakes, chicken nuggets, or fruit.)
Favorite dessert:  Donuts
Favorite toy:  Mermaids
Favorite show:  Blaze and the Monster Machines
Favorite movie:  The Little Mermaid
Favorite place to go:  Story hour
Favorite thing to do with Staley:  Play 1, 2, 3  (Not sure what this game is, but both she and Staley have mentioned it.  I have no doubt it's a Staley original.)
Favorite thing to do with Briggs:  Play basketball
Favorite thing to do with Mommy:  Just play
Favorite thing to do with Daddy:  Go upside down
Favorite book:  The Little Mermaid
Favorite princess:  Mermaid Ariel
Favorite outfit:  Fancy outfits
Favorite pajamas:  My Anna and Elsa one and my Ariel one
Favorite thing to play with:  Barbies

What do you think you'll be able to do when you are 3?  I don't know.
What are you scared of?  Ghosts
What's the best thing about you?  Making friends
What are you good at?  Drawing, rhyming, fighting
Who is your best friend?  Jaci
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A big girl

My big girl

Happy Birthday, Adelie!

Three years ago today, my Adelie was born.  As the second child, I thought I knew what all little girls would be like.  Boy, was I wrong!  My little firecracker has amazed and amused me from day one.  She has her own little personality...the perfect blend of sweet and mischievious that keeps me smiling while keeping me on my toes.  Days with Adelie are never dull, and I can't imagine my life without the joy that she brings to it.
Happy 3rd birthday to my funny, snuggly, active, sweet, adventurous, amazing little girl!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Our life since Thursday:

3 sick children
3 fevers
2 coughs
1 viral rash
1 ear infection
1 strep test (negative)
6 boxes of Kleenex used up
3 doctor visits
3 prescription medications
1 cancelled sleepover
1 cancelled birthday party
1 missed kids choir performance
1 missed day of work
Lots and lots of tears, runny noses, temperature checks, and Tylenol.
2 napping kids
1 mom who is ready for everyone to just be well again.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Shining Stars...Again

Staley has participated in 2 sessions of a little drama/acting class called Shining Stars for kids aged 3-6.  And, like all things that her sister does, Adelie has been asking and waiting and wondering when she can go to Shining Stars class too.  Well, she got her wish.  Although not quite 3, Staley's teacher allowed Adelie to join in for this 3rd session of the class.  Actually, when I asked Staley's teacher about letting Adelie participate before she turned 3, she said, "If she's anything like Staley, I'd love to have her in class."  I just smiled and nodded, figuring that she could discover the differences between the two sisters for herself.  :)

Both girls loved their Shining Stars class.  Adelie jumped right in without hesitation, and Staley loved showing her little sister the ropes.  The class culminated in a little production called "Sammy the Sad Puppy."  Staley was Sabrina (one of Sammy's puppy sisters) and Adelie was Kitty #2.

My two little actresses
Both girls memorized their lines and had no qualms about being up on stage.  Although they were both under the weather the day of the performance, that didn't stop them from enjoying their moment in the spotlight and performing for their friends and family who came to see them.

A happy little kitty
Staley (far left) with her puppy sisters
I was so proud of my two shining stars!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Labor of Love

When Staley and Adelie got American girl-type dolls for Christmas, Staley was reminiscing about some American Girl doll bunk beds that she had seen at her old baby-sitters house.  She told me, "They are really big so they probably cost a lot of money, but maybe we could just make some."

Well, you don't have to mention that to Daddy twice.  Upon hearing that remark, Zach did some online research, bought supplies, watched you-tube videos on how to sew, sewed, cut, hammered, sanded, painted, and made this...

Not only did he do all the construction and painting, he also picked out the material and hand stitched the mattresses.  It was a labor of love for two little girls who have their Daddy wrapped around their little fingers.
I think Jackie and Aria are pleased with the outcome too.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sister Influence

He's not yet walking, but Briggs continues to add words to his vocabulary on a daily basis.  Some of his newest additions include banana, baby, zebra, and mermaid.  Yes, mermaid has now joined Barbie on my son's list of first 30 words.  And I have no doubt that he'll be able to name all the Disney princesses long before he can name all the super heroes.  Oh, the joys of growing up with 2 big sisters!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mother of the Year

I took my son for his one year check-up today only to find out he has a raging ear infection.

My daughter's pre-school teacher pulled me aside at pick-up time yesterday to let me know that my daughter got in a fight at recess.  A fist fight.

I had to interrupt my talk with the pharmacist to stop my younger daughter from trying to wrestle with her sister on the floor at CVS.

Mother of the Year?  Definitely not looking good.  Maybe next year...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sister Quotes

Tonight, Staley told me this:

"I like being a big sister, but I think it would be more fun to be a little sister.  Being a little sister isn't so busy." 

Of course, when it takes you forever to accomplish anything, maybe life does just always seem busy.

The other day, Zach and Staley had this conversation:

Zach:  "Do you remember when Adelie was born?"
Staley:  "Yes."
Zach:  "Do you remember when you came to the hospital to meet her?"
Staley:  "Yes!  That was the best moment of my life."
Zach:  "It was?"
Staley:  (looking at Zach as if that was a ridiculous question)  "Yes.  I got my very own sister!"

Staley and her very own sister

Sunday, March 6, 2016

One Year Old

I just blinked and my baby turned one year old.  I'm not sure where this past year went.  Briggs is growing up so fast.  He probably weighs around 19 lbs.  He still wears his 6-12 month and 12 month clothes, although his 6-12 month things are starting to get a little small.  He wears size 3 diapers and size 3 shoes.  He still nurses in the morning and at night.  He no longer takes a bottle and only takes one nap/day.  He sleeps for 11-12 hours at night and usually naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon.  He smiles big with his 8 teeth.  He's still happy, easy, and fun!

Likes:  Briggs still loves baths, his Mama, his sisters, his right thumb, and outings.  He loves to crawl around, pull things off shelves, take things out, and put things in.  Favorite toys include his tow truck and garage, cars and trucks, the girls' princess figurines, the Little People (especially the bus), and the Paw Patrol figures and vehicles.  Briggs loves books, and really enjoys pulling books off the bookshelf and reading them by himself.  Current favorites remain those with flaps, sounds, and textures.  We also have several sets of little books, and he really likes those too.  Briggs still loves things that aren't toys, and emptying my purse, playing with the DVDs, and pulling clothes out of the drawers or laundry baskets are still favorite activities.  Briggs is getting pickier about foods, but he loves crackers, Cheerios, rolls/breads/toast, meatloaf and meatballs, chicken nuggets, applesauce/pear sauce, soup, and most fruits.

Dislikes:  Briggs gets fussy when he's tired and hungry.  He is still sometimes a Mama's boy, getting mad if he's being held by someone else and he sees me.  He doesn't like being in his high chair when there is no food on the tray.  He dislikes sun in his face when he's in his carseat and wind in his face outside.  He does not like pasta, eggs, berries, chicken (other than nuggets), and most veggies.

Skills:  Briggs is very mobile.  He crawls quickly, pulls to stand, cruises, and walks with someone holding his hands.  He will stand for a second or two before dropping to the ground.  He can crawl up the stairs and onto low furniture.  Briggs is very good at putting things in, taking this out, pulling things apart, and activating cause and effect toys.  He really likes to take off the clippy dresses on the girls' princess figurines.  Briggs finger feeds and drinks from a spout cup.  He is starting to take a loaded spoon and bring it to his mouth.  He wipes off his tray after meals and, when asked to blow his nose, will put a tissue to his face and breath in and out of his nose quickly (kind of like snorting.)  Briggs will put his toothbrush in his mouth and his brush to his hair.  He takes off his socks and hats.  Briggs is starting to say so much.  He has about 20 words that he says spontaneously, and another 10 or so that he will imitate.  I won't write the whole list, but favorites include 'ball, car, thank you, diaper, Mama, Dada, Staley, Grandpa, uh-oh, amen, night-night, and Barbie'.  Yes, Barbie is one of his first 20 words.  He also uses 5 signs ('more, drink, book, please, done') and knows the sounds that a lion, fish, cow, sheep, duck, and dog make.  Briggs is understanding so much.  He will follow simple one step directions like 'give it to me', 'go find your books', and 'blow your nose.'  He can identify his eyes, nose, head, tummy, and toes.  He will snort, wave, clap, point, fake cough, dance, give kisses, and still has the best laugh.  Life with Briggs is just filled with joy!!

My big one year old!

A Comparative Analysis

Watching Briggs eat his smash cake yesterday made me reflect on how each of my 3 kids approached the task of eating their first birthday cake much like they approach life.  Their personalities were reflected in this early first birthday tradition.

Staley approached her cake cautiously.  She gingerly touched the icing, decided she didn't want to get messy, and then asked for a cracker instead.  No mess.  No fuss.  No need to rush into something new.  Just calmly enjoying the comfort of the familiar.

Adelie jumped in without hesitation.  Double fisted.  Cake and icing everywhere.  She ate and ate until I removed the cake.  Adventurous and wild, nothing was going to stop Adelie from enjoying her cake to the fullest...even if it meant being covered head to toe in chocolate frosting.
And Briggs enjoyed his cake in his laid-back way.  No rush.  No hurry.  Just calmly licking frosting off his fingers and enjoying the experience.

 Cautious.  Wild.  Mellow.  That's just how my kids each approach life.  And cake.


Birthday Boy

Briggs had his first birthday yesterday.  And although he was pretty oblivious to why there were so many people at our house and what this present thing was all about, he seemed to enjoy himself just the same. 

Although Staley had a plethera of different ideas for the theme of his party, she jumped on board with the monster theme I decided on.  She helped me bake some breakfast goodies and cupcakes, helped with some of the decorations, sewed a gift for Briggs (and wrapped it herself), and had some big plans for a few shows that the cousins would do (which didn't actually happen).

The birthday flag that Staley made
Like any good first birthday party, there were decorations...
there was food...
there were cupcakes before lunch...
 and there were games.
The kids made monsters.  The plan was for Briggs to crawl over to which monster he liked the best, but he was a little overwhelmed by it all and just cried until I picked him up.  But the kids seemed to enjoy the monster-making project anyway.  And the grown-ups did a one-themed trivia quiz.

There was also some present opening.

Briggs wasn't a real active participant in the present opening.  Luckily, Adelie was a very willing helper.

And, of course, there was a special cake made specifically for the birthday boy.

Briggs ate his cake much like he does everything else in his mellow, easy-going way.

He didn't get too messy or eat too much, but seemed happy about it.
After his fun morning, Briggs took a nice afternoon nap.  Then both sets of grandparents joined us for Briggs's birthday dinner of some of his favorites--meatballs, mashed potatoes, cheesy carrots, peaches, and rolls.  He opened one last gift, played a little bit, had a fun birthday bath (with his new bath toys), and then slept soundly.  What a fun and full first birthday!!

The birthday boy.



Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

She Says...

Staley and I had this conversation this morning:

Staley:  "I want to watch "Empire Strikes Back."  Liam watched it and he liked it."
Me:  "Liam likes things that I don't think you would like.  You are more sensitive about scary things than Liam is, and the Star Wars movies are kind of scary."
Staley:  "I like Star Wars.  I met Darth Vader and I wasn't scared."
Me:  "Darth Vader was nice when we met him.  In the movies, he's a really mean bad guy."
Staley:  "Star Wars isn't scary to me."
Me:  "Staley, you got scared at the Paw Patrol episode yesterday."
Staley:  "No, I didn't!  And I'm not even scared of "Barbie Swan Lake" anymore."

Not sure she made the point she thought she did.

Today, Staley and I were baking together in the kitchen.  She made a batch of banana bread all by herself, including measuring all the ingredients, cracking the eggs, using the mixer, and even washing up all her dishes.  (I just read her the recipe and helped her know which measuring cup/spoon she needed.)  When she was done, we had this conversation:

Me:  "I'm really impressed, Staley.  You're a great cook."
Staley:  "Do you know where I learned how to cook so good?"
(I was starting to feel a little smug, thinking about all the times we've baked/cooked together and all the meals she's watched me make.)
Me:  "No.  Where did you learn to be such a good cook?"
Staley:  "From Grace [from an American Girl movie].  She's a really good cook and she teaches her friends to cook.  That's how I learned."